Are scratch cards better or what?



  • obviously its a game of risk and chance…

    you risk 1 dollar for a 1/200,000,000 chance of winning 150 million sounds like not a bad chance to take every once and a while… although i would not recommend running out and blowing your paycheck on lotto tickets.

  • Get a group of friends, buy loads of tickets between the lot of you. Split the winnings (if there are any). Repeat until you win / die of old age. PROTIP:Get a written agreement signed by everyone.

  • I think its just a luck,but prayer will lead you to that luck…

  • first dont pick numbers in a row..because when you pick 1 2 3 4 5 6 many people do this too and if you win you wont get as much…its better to learn online poker but needs luck and much learning…one thing i do is playing roulette with a slightly changed twist of the martingale system. has a good explanation of it.

    but back to lottery, its just Luck, buy a ticket from time to time for the chance to get rich but dont think you will ever win 🙂

  • Just few weeks ago i found, you can set up a team online and have more chance to win..

  • Put simply, no, there is not an easier way. They’re all games of chance and the odds are not in your favor, or anyone’s favor really.

  • There is no an easy way to win the Lottery, but if you want to win frequently the Lottery you should be ready to work a bit on previous draws from your Lottery.
    To see that I’m right collect the latest 10 draws and start to observe what happened and what will happen.
    Soon you’ll learn a few “secrets” like these;
    in the past 10 draws are at least 5 future winning numbers
    one number advances rapidly and become” hot”. This number has a big potential to be drawn next time
    two or three numbers are ” lazy” means thet didn’t come more than 10 draws. Put in each combination one lazy number too.
    Remember, there is a strong corelation between previous draws and next drawing.
    ” Kill the snake of doubt in your soul, crush the worms of fear in your heart and mountains will move out of your way”
    Kate Seredy
    Good luck to you.

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