I live in Indiana and was wanting to know how many I could legally buy.??

Thanks for your time!



  • nas88caror 300(RIP 3)

    November 10, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    as many as you want

  • as many as you can afford.

  • i thinks its unlimited as long as u have the money

    i know a great way to gamble without cheating

  • Usually there is no limit. Although the State does have a limit, and numbers can sell out. Nearly every year 317 sells out on St Patricks Day. Recently the plain crash number in NY sold out. But that doesn’t happen that often.
    Sometimes it is better to buy multiple tickets rather than putting it all on one ticket. For instance a pick 3 pays 500 for one dollar straight.
    And say you want to put $10 on it. It is better to get 10 one dollar tickets because of taxes. Anything over $599 you have to pay taxes on. Also in most states winfall tax is higher than regular taxes.
    So if you have 10 tickets worth 500 each, you can cash each one in and not have to pay any tax. If you have only one ticket worth 5000, they are going to take a sizable chunk out in taxes.
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  • How could a number sell out? With the odds you are getting they would sell as many tickets on any number as they can.

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