So Is There A Way To Win The Lottery?
The short answer is yes. Just buy up all the tickets and you will win. OK, enough being a smart alack. Is there a way to win the lottery that can make me some money. If you understand probability you can win games of chance and make money at it. That is why some people get banned from casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. But is there a way to win the lottery using similar methods?

My Mini Lottery
Lets pretend that there is a lottery that plays the numbers 0-9 and you pay $1 a ticket that pays out $7 if you win. This means that you have a 1 in 10 chance of winning. Obviously, if you buy all ten tickets you’ll win but you’ll lose 3 bucks in the process. So, is there a way to win the lottery and still make money?

Reducing The Odds
If you consistently purchase the same number probability dictates that you will win our mini lottery about once every 10 games. Is there a way to win the lottery with out buying a ticket each time? Yes, and that is the secret to making money. Since probability dictates that each number should show up about once in every 10 games if you keep track of the winning numbers and than after about 8 games play one of the numbers that hasn’t won yet, the probability that you will win is extremely high and if you win, you will make money

The Answer To ‘is there a way to win the lottery
The answer to ‘is there a way to win the lottery’ lies in understanding probability and letting it tell you which numbers to play and when. This is what Oklahoma Professor Larry Blair worked on for 8 years until he perfected a way to win the lottery close to once every to games or 48.8%. He won the lottery 3 times and then got shot in a botched attempt by to things at robbing him of his formula. He is so sure that he has the answer to is there a way to win the lottery that he will give you double your money back if you don’t win using his formula. Listen to Professor Blair answer the question, is there a way to win the lottery, in his own words.

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