Is there any lottery software out there that really works by helping pick winning numbers?



  • If there was we all be rich.

  • Yes, it comes in a package that includes the ancestral history of the loch ness monster, and a map to atlantis.

    Thats how real it is.

  • No, no, no!!!

    Lottery starts with a FIFTY percent edge over the players! In other words, for every $100,000 in ticket sales, the lottery company only pays out around $50,000 to winning tickets! The worst casino game has maybe a 10 to 15% edge over the players. Lottery = 50%!!!

    Let’s imagine now that a program could help you. (It CAN’T!!! But let’s just imagine it could for a minute.) Imagine it could give you a 5% edge over all the other players that are buying lottery tickets.

    That STILL leaves the lottery company with a 45% edge over you!!! You just cannot overcome odds like that.

    People will try to sell you “systems” or programs to beat the lottery. These folks are ripping you off! Simply put, the lottery is the worst bet you can ever make. There is no system or program that can help you overcome a 50% edge!

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