So many people try to win the lotto. I look online for programs and i see people selling their software that will show you how to win. Is this BS? Is there really anyway to win or is it just luck?



  • just pray and have faith, that’s all you can do when you gamble.

  • Yeah…basically all that stuff is a bunch of BS…what it comes down to is luck, plain and simple.

  • Of course it is BS. Think about it. If you wrote some software that would allow you to make millions on the lottery, why would you sell it? Why not just use it and get rich?

    All this software does is look at all the numbers that have been drawn and try to predict what numbers are hot (get drawn a lot) and which are cold (are ‘due’).

    What the software doesn’t take into account is that every draw is a random event, there are no real patterns in what happens, and that even if you could analyze the last 10,000 draws, it would still give no insight into what would get drawn next week. If it were possible the lottery would constantly be won by math professors and computer experts.

  • yes there is…………………GET VERY VERY VERY VERY LUCKY!!!!!

  • Buy a ticket…..nuf said

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