If you suspect that your PS3 is overheating and you see the flashing yellow light of death when you turn the console on then these tips will assist you preserve the console operating even on marathon gaming sessions.

The very first thing you need to do which is very obvious but it can help is to switch the console off and leave it for a good 3 or four hours.

This will allow it to cool down and then you will be able to assess regardless of whether there is any lasting damage.

Usually this can fix the problem and as lengthy as you give the console a excellent dust now and then you ought to be in a position to get on with your games.

An additional thing you can do is check the ventilation slots on your console. You will locate these at the side and the back, and they can end up acquiring extremely dusty so it might just be triggered by these obtaining blocked!

You can also believe about getting an added fan for your console.

These clip on the back and will offer further cooling for the console and as long as you get a huge sufficient fan they can prove very efficient!

If you do not thoughts sacrificing the top quality of the image yet another factor that has been confirmed to assist with your PS3 overheating is to switch off the high definition by way of the alternatives when you begin the console up.

Of course this does imply that your games will not look as nice but it will also permit your console to run at a lower temperature and may possibly stop this problem happening once more.

If you are still receiving problems right after attempting the solutions above you may have to send the console in to get it repaired.

This can take about four weeks and you may also have to pay out $150 for the repair fee.

If you do not want to do this the only other way that you can fix the console your self is to get a great PS3 repair guide that will show you how to quit the heat build up by supplying some insulation on the chips inside the console.

Some of these guides can differ in difficulty so it is a excellent idea to do some research just before you commit to something!

I hope this write-up has told you why your PS3 is overheating and the methods that you can take to fix the method!