Bingo is an easy game and can be played almost anywhere. It can be played in your home, hall, or park depending on the number of people participating in the game. With the arrival of the Internet, it has also become possible for bingo lovers to play bingo online. It’s becoming one of the most popular games on the Internet. Bingo can also be played in land-based locations, like bingo halls, but the simplicity and convenience of online versions have made online bingo more popular. Basics of the gameBingo has few basic rules that are applicable to games either played in land-based bingo halls or online in virtual bingo rooms. The numbers are physically drawn by a host who calls out the number over a microphone in land-based games. The players just have to keep marking off the drawn numbers until they win the game. In online bingo, a software program generates the number randomly. In many online bingo websites, the software automatically marks the numbers when they are generated so that the players do not even have to click on the drawn number. The player can press on the “bingo” tab present on the web page as soon as the markings on the virtual bingo cards make a certain pattern required for winning. Types of BingoThere are two forms of bingo games. One is the 75-ball bingo and the other is 90-ball bingo game. In the 75-ball bingo, a total of 75 numbers are called randomly in five columns of 15 numbers each. Each of these five columns represents the five letters of bingo. In the 90-ball bingo, the cards used for the game have three rows and nine columns. Each of these cards has 90 numbers that are distributed in six tickets. The major difference between these two forms of bingo is that the 90-ball bingo is not letter specific and has three winners in a single game. People of all ages and from all over the world love to play bingo. This game is completely based on luck and does not require any prior knowledge or special skills. Many people still find traditional way of playing bingo in land-based locations more appealing. However, with the advent of the Internet, online bingo has become more popular because of its simplicity and comfort. It has been suggested that playing bingo online is a better way to have fun and socialise at the same time. Online bingo has been accepted as a fun-filled game with great value for money.

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