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  • uhh.. you copied most of this video from another video..

  • kobe is a beast but the throne will go to lebron or rose. i think rose

  • Auditoredafirenze257

    January 3, 2012 at 8:56 am

    @ibuffalou Lmfao he told your ass off and used less words then you did!

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  • the 13 people dat dislike this are the 13 people that kobe dunk on

  • @TheMikkMike awww maaaan, you hurt my feelings. you must have posted that one right after kobe made those turnovers last night. don’t worry bro, i thought kobe actually looked pretty good. still has a little explosiveness left. i was mildly surprised at that. and if bynum can stay healthy, i don’t rule the lakers out of winning the west.. unfortunately for me that is. because i know if kobe somehow wins a 6th (this assumes a heat injury), everyone will say he is as good as mj. bite me.

  • @ibuffalou Shut up what a little jock riding nobody. Obviously noones going to ever top Michael Jordan but that DOES NOT mean there will never be another to achieve further greatness. Stop living in the past and carry on the torch as every other famous athlete has and keep your stupid ignorant insignificant thoughts to your poor, lonely, no-good self.

  • Kobe needs to grow the fro Back

  • bait Lakers fan who made this lool

  • @tracybuddha  david thompson didn’t have 6 rings einstein. mj was the original.

  • And for all those kiddo’s out there that think MJ scored 50 every time out not so, Kobe has 5 rings at an earlier age than mike did

  • @ibuffalou Ask MJ if he modeled his game after anyone and he will say David Thompson don’t just spew random bullshit

  • @ibuffalou You must be full of shit to think MJ is the original. Basketball been around for decades before he came. MJ may be the best to ever play the game, but he definitely studied, or should I say “copied” off greats. And to say that it’s not the same as “copying” MJ is completely stupid. What a big slap in the face for all the greats. Kobe was nowhere near MJ? He was constantly compared to MJ throughout his career as the closest to being like MJ. Just another Kobe hater.

  • Is it normal to get a boner ?

  • @rustover calm down twan, kobe is the 6th best player in the league. that is pretty good. nowhere near mj, but still pretty good.

  • @ibuffalou your are fucking stupid if you think the only reason kobe is successful is that he copied mj. im not saying kobe is better, cuz im a huge mj fan, but to disrespect kobe’s shear talent is ignorant. he doesnt need a superstar to “copy”. he’s incredible on his own

  • i like this video because of the synchronisation betwean the video and the audio… its like the teacher is talking about his student who in hisself is trying to reach the teachers goals 🙂

  • @jarethmd Kobe has reached mj’s level a few times in his career. And by mj’s level, I mean mj’s career. See the difference?

  • No one’s like kobe

  • @ibuffalou i’m not a kobe dick sucker, but i can’t lie when i say that kobe is on jordan’s level. not past it, but definately on it. kobe is not the next jordan, he’s the first kobe.

  • I hate Kobe I hate is weird as looking head, nose, face…. but I give credit were credit is due and He is an exceptional ball player

  • kobe is the best player in the league ull se this season follow me on twitter @purpNDyellow

  • @ibuffalou I actually don’t like Kobe, I respect his game though. I put the MJ bit in there because it’s from a campaign he did titled “Become Legendary” which I think fit well with the video. What’s really funny is your grammar, shit had me rolling.

  • cause i like watching kobe. he’s like the 4th best player in the league.

  • @ibuffalou Shut up. Why come to watch the video? Go put your bullshit on an MJ video.

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