Playing any lottery involves risk, this holds to be true for many people who lower their odds even more by completely randomizing the numbers they choose; some may pick their birthday, their children’s birthday, their lucky day or any other superstitious number which is supposed to give them a chance to win the lottery. If you are one of those people then we are sorry to tell you that superstition doesn’t work, the more you randomize your picks the worse things will get for you. Lottery is a game of probabilities, if you were a good math student then you “probably” remember the teacher talking about “averages, large numbers and probability”.

Before going any further lets analyze how an “average” Pick 3 lottery player would pick the numbers and play the game. The first thing is always to choose the numbers, some people think that by choosing the same numbers over and over they are bound to to win at some point, while this might hold true the chance that those numbers would come up in his/her lifetime are very large. By choosing a lucky set of numbers Pick 3 players randomize their chances and the odds become huge, since now they are facing a possible ratio of 1:30-50 million, this means that if there are 30 to 50 million players/possible numbers the average person would only have one real chance to hit the numbers chosen.

Following mathematical formulas and proven laws we see that the work of scientists and mathematicians can be directly applied to this game, we are talking about the “Law of Large Numbers” and the “Poisson distribution” in probability theory. Since the average Pick 3 lottery player wouldn’t even imagine that the secret to beating this incredible odds lies in mathematical formulas, the organization behind the pick 3 lottery doesn’t prohibit the use of these mathematical principles, they also realize that most of the people who play lottery believe in faith, luck, etc so they wouldn’t resort to math for their answers.

If math is not your favorite cup of coffee, don’t worry, the equations have already been worked out the only thing needed is the input of variables in order to succeed. Not having to work out a complicated mathematical theorem or equation makes things easy for you and gives you a real shot at winning the Pick 3 lottery prizes. So regardless how you choose to play, whether it is a straight bet, straight wheel (3-Way or 6-Way bet combination), Box (3-Way or 6-Way bet combination), front pair bets, back pair bets or split bets, by having a mathematical system will ensure you are able to beat the odds 66% of the time, and that figure represents a lot of money in your pocket.

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