FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Me and the homie Victor Kim – decided to remix a song by Bruno Mars Ft. Damian Marley called Liquor Store Blues. Peep the original here: thank you for subscribing! http Chorus 1: Standing at this liquor store, whiskey coming through my pores, feeling like i run this whole block, lotto tickets cheap here, thats why you can catch me here, trynna to scratch my way up to the top, cause my jobs got me going nowhere, so i aint gotta thing to lose, take me to a place where i dont care, this is me and my liquor store blues Verse 1: Im at the Liquor store, swisher rolled, mr. cho, give me mo’, a drink or fo, a sinking soul, that needs you bro, change in my pockets low, stop and go, hook me up for cheaper though, I pull the race card cause its Korean owned , I’ve seen the older folk put there fate in some lucky numbers, a pack of smokes are bad for throats but it does do wonders, ive spent a bunch of summers, hanging out at store fronts, that sweet sound of ringing bells once the door shuts, scored blunts and took everything thats inside out, I treat this place like my personal hideout, 40 ounce to freedom, 30 days of drinkin, but im only in my 20’s and im thinking that I need it, never sleeping like a genius, positioned like a fetus, it’s a cold world we live in, and the liquor keeps me heated, i just spit my old English, while i dream about them new castles