Since the lottery started, many players have used the dates of the lottery numbers. It is not the best idea, because the article appears. This strategy effectively undermine their chances of winning the lottery.
In a draft lottery after training, people create their favorite with the family birthdays, anniversaries, and dates for the price of some important person or a famous event. The idea is that these days, brought good luck before, so to play, it will happen again. After all, these were the luckiest day in his life. But instead of improving their chances of winning the lottery jackpot, lottery, this strategy is quite the opposite.
For example, when using this strategy for the lottery, play lottery numbers only 1 to 31 Thus, as you play MN531, WI531, WildCard531, PA530 or WV625, lottery strategy, at least, this is a feature fruit Baring . But these five are the only lottery to lottery in North America, which is true. Using this strategy, the remaining 70 lottery you do, or Hari-Kari, or at least, was shot yourself in the foot.
Here is the scenario hari-Kari. NY659, or if you play Powerball 5 / 59 lottery, using dates such as lottery numbers would be a big mistake. Why? Because more than 47% of the lottery number, 32 to 59, will not appear on any of your bet. But on average, about half the lottery to be drawn from this group. Therefore, how this should be very little chance of winning the lottery jackpot. You take the game itself.
I put an exclamation point on this response. The last 200 projects NY659 was only one ticket wins the jackpot, in which all numbers between 1 and 31 This means that we were going to win the jackpot lottery woefully unimpressive 0 5% of the time. Do not even have the chance to win 199 of these 200 projects.
Here's the shot of the situation stands. Now, when the size goes down to the lottery, 54, 49, 47, 44, 40, etc., and the negative impact is small. For example, in the last 740 lottery NJ540 projects, 23% to win the jackpot numbers are only numbers less than or equal to 31 is not bad, you say. Well, one way to look at this. But 77% of projects do not even have a chance to win the jackpot lottery. Bad luck does not cause it. You got a strategy going. You yourself shot in the leg.
No matter what I say, many people continue with this approach. I wish them good luck. I really do not. I hope you win big. But what I'm about, this article is all about how you can improve your chances of winning the lottery jackpot in as many projects as possible. Each project is a possibility, and life is too short to let go yet.

Professor Dolph is a world renowned expert Lottery, lecturer, columnist and author of a breakthrough in the lottery software called Lona. A new and refreshing look at the lottery, would you, Professor Dolph number lottery consultant.