TV ad for Canada’s most popular lottery.



  • @arbiterg if you win 50M who cares if its tax free lol

  • The chance of winning the lotto is 1/15millions in mathematics when we have 1/infinity way say its zero. They sell you 1cent paper for 5$ to 20$ meaning its all profit while selling a dream nothing to others. People want to spend 5$ and win 20millions where is the logic? Try this wish a number from 1 to 6 throw a die and I guarantee you that you will not get it right. This is 1/6 imagine 1/15millions

  • The 2 biggest Loto649 jackpots have gone to single winning tickets. UNBELIEVABLE! Each belonging to groups of 13 and more and each out west where far fewer tickets are sold! What are the chances? Jackpots 20 million and over, always seem to have been won by 1 ticket. Unusual in that a lot more tickets are sold with larger jackpots, you would expect more multiple ticket winners! Yet smaller jackpots with fewer tickets sold, there always seems to be multiple winners. Developing a mistrust.

  • is lotto 649 tax-free?

  • For germans: dielottozahlen . com predicts lotto 6/49 numbers using numerology strategies.

  • Well first off it’s a pan-canadian thing since 1982, and second of all, we’re not to judge the loto itself here, we’re here to appreciate a nicely done commercial.

    Cuz it IS a good one!

  • lotto 6/49 is fixed with electric balls thats why lightening will hit you first.Wake up and quit waisting your money on a fixed Ontario game.

  • I love this guy!!

  • missing Canada

  • Hey can you add the new on it’s a happy dance and stars off with a chef at a resturant doing his I really liek the song so can you post it?!

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