This is another article in the series Lotto Lies. This article is about a word about the word Random. The word 'Random' is so abused and misused, I think the concept is a lottery secret. So read, all is discovered.
Lotto Lie # 2 – lottery is a random game of chance. Random
What does this phrase mean? Let's break this down. The term "game" refers to the fact that the chances involved. People around the world to gamble on a daily basis. Professional players are too, and is quite good at it. Professional players are successful because they understand the game well and are experts in applying the laws of probability.
Some believe that the word "game" is a simple code "to lose." But professional gamblers know that it means 'opportunity'. This applies to all gambling, including lotteries. Yes, you can improve your chances of winning the lottery.
Definition of the word random is the selection process in which each number is the chance to choose. "If it was really possible to implement this definition in the real world then:
; In Black Jack, it would be impossible for a player to improve his chances of winning the calculation card.
; Poker, it would be impossible for a player to decide how much to bet.
; The stock market would be impossible for an investor can make money.
The word "random" does not fit well in the real world, it is a theoretical mathematical tool. It can be done or achieved something great, earth, our solar system, our galaxy and universe. This is intuitively obvious. How can one claim to be random numbers chosen from a shortlist? Soon after opening, the trends and patterns will emerge. Mathematicians responded by saying, "Well, you have completed several studies." Let's flip a coin.
Case: the coin has turned 100 times. The results are 65 Heads and 35 Tails, a clear trend here. Thus, the mathematician says, "You need to spend more studies. And finally, the end result is the same. "Yes, the coin is flipped 10,000 times and Lo and behold, 5008 Heads and Tails 4992. Almost all incidents of heads and tails are equal and the mathematician happily sends us on our path, knowing that he has shown the game is random.
But it was not very random after 100 trials. It was shortly after the 1000 random trials. Looks pretty random after 10,000 trials. You see, there is a chance to fully implement the changes based on situation and circumstances. The degree of randomness. I do follow the example of the real world. Blackjack
Thirty years ago, the general perception was that he went to play Casino Blackjack, you lose. After all, it was occasionally a game of luck and chances are good for the casino. But when a wiz MIT-kids find a way to play well, the bottom line casino turned red and started leaking like a sieve.
So, How do I respond to the casino? Who started making a game more random. Automatic Shufflers were installed. Cards are dealt from the start. Two decks are used, then many decks. Profiling was used to identify card counters and ban them from the casino. In other words, until we know what you do, you are welcome to play blackjack in a casino. But the key to this discussion is the phrase "more random. Had an occasional threat to the game, how it could do more random? Listing
Another example is the Stock Exchange. A few years ago, the general perception was that stock prices were the occasional game of chance. This idea was formally established in 1973, Burton Malkiel's book is called «A Random Walk Down Wall Street". Malchiel starting point was that the profits derived from careful selection of five stocks based on a thorough analysis of past performance will fare no better than five randomly selected stocks.
The public seemed to accept this position for many years and the rest of the stock market is not investing professionals. Today, however, a top Wall Street investment firms down to individual investors, no one can take a random walk. Item analysis software is complete. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent on computer analysis of stock prices over the past year overall aim to predict future prices. In fact, today, invests in the stock market does not analyze in depth the results of the previous position is considered amateurish, naive and foolhardy. So what is the secret to successful investing in the stock market? If you invest intelligently, study the past performance of each stock and to apply basic probability can gain an advantage. Random Abuse
So, what's up with the word random? Why all confusion? Like most to say about the use and misuse of the term generally reduces its importance. Over the years, scientists, mathematicians and engineers have misused the word random by automatically applying the observation and analysis, which is too complicated to describe simple mathematical formulas. Almost knee-jerk way, do not understand and can explain it is random.
For example, two paths collide with gas molecules is very predictable, not random. But to predict the paths of trillions of molecules of gas are important. So for years, the vibrations of molecules of the gas was said to be a random process, simply because the shear strength of the huge problem and our inability to analyze. But today, scientists understand that it is not random.
The same goes for Random Walk theory. It will remain in force only on paper as long as the problem was too complicated to analyze. Also, winning blackjack and Texas Hold'em is no longer pure luck. So, one by one, the validity of so-called random gambling question.
Over the past forty years, the state sponsored lotteries have trumpeted opportunity to make a theory, everyone has an equal opportunity, and nobody has an advantage. If this were true, why the lottery tried to make casual games, more random? Not random or accidental;
The answer is not. In fact, in recent years the concept of lottery randomness has been challenged, and, as casinos, lotteries have responded to different activities. First, a mechanical advantage because of its design Lotto Ball addressed. Lotto ball out with one voice. The numbers are no longer painted the ball Lotto, because the unbalanced ball. Blower design was improved and the engine speed is regulated to ensure that air velocity does not vary power fluctuations. They used different cameras and randomly selected for each project. This helped to make the lottery seem more random. You see, random does not mean that development is not, it just means that growth is difficult to identify. Computers Ride White Horse
Thank goodness computers. Without them, the mysterious universe. Random Walk Theory yet accepted practice. Vibrating molecules should be considered random process. Black Jack still maintain casual gaming, and most people do not even know what a Texas Hold'em. One myth that lotteries are random gambling would be more widely accepted.
So if we are to play the lottery as a professional, you need a computer and the Best Lottery Software that provides everything you need at their request, such as life. Well, the best Genie is a bottle, his computer. His name is Lona;.
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