This is the fifth article of the series Lotto Lies. There are many who believe that there are no such things as patterns and trends lottery number. Therefore, the use of computer Lottery Number Analysis is a waste of time. After all, a lottery is a random game of chance. Well, how can there be any changes? Such skeptics would be good, except that the growth is there for everyone. Well, at least for those who want to attend.
Lotto Lie # 5 – There are no such things as lottery trends.
Okay, let's go look for some trends lottery.
Now, some people have the unique opportunity to see the lottery has won a number of history and see the lottery numbers and trends. They are few and far between, and I confess I have no idea how they do. Most people, according to me, could look at the history of the winning number for weeks and the only hope to find a bottle of Motrin.
If we want to go to research on trends in the lottery, this is the need to search tools. Such a modern day exploration and Lottery computer software, preferably in the Best Lottery Software. We also know what the trend seems to have a lottery. By the way, how we recognize one if found?
A picture speaks a thousand words – but the plan is better.
Open the debate by making a chart. We use the Lotto Texas 6 / 54 lottery as an example.
First, any plan history lottery, pick 6 numbers at random and compare them with the win numbers and see how well we did. If the two numbers, we were the winners, we plot in Figure 2, we have a plan. If none of the numbers we were the winners, we plot 0, etc. When we finally had a nice plan to show our work. It will play random graph model of our choice.
Each dot plot, how to do this project. But how well we managed to finish? The easiest way to answer that is only an average of all points on the graph. This will give us the average number of hits design. We can use that size matters. We could not compare with other techniques of choice in that size is important to see if we are not better or worse than the random number selection.
What is the Average Hits Plan to be? Retain 6 numbers out of 54 means that we choose the 6 / 54 or 0 11% of their potential numbers. Therefore, we should expect that the long trip, we averaged 0 11% x 6 Fri draft right choices, or 0 67 Average number of visits a project. The average number of visits to the lottery for random selection of maps is a very, very close to that number.
Some of you are probably asking: "What is this project?" The goal was to find the average number of visits Draft 0 67. We can now compare the trends we see this lottery number if the trend is better or worse than random selection of numbers. Now we know what development should look like a lottery. If we find a tendency Average Hits the plan is greater than 0 67, we are something.
Aha! Voltage.
So, no progress in this way still exist? And if they do, how good is it? The answer to the first question is yes, the lottery every day. "The second question is" much better than you might expect. "We are not talking about a mere 1% or 2% improvement over the random selection of numbers. We are not talking about 4% or 5%. Not talking about 8% and 9%. We are not talking about 11% and 12%. Oh, no. We are not talking about 15% to 30% improvement, according to the draw.
Excited yet? Let 249 projects Lotto Texas 6 / 54 draw from 4/26/06 and 9/10/08. As we look for trends in the lottery, looking for numbers that are statistically coating exposed in some way. In other words, we are looking back in history to choose their lottery numbers to play the next project. But if history should look like?
That is, if the computer is a great program is necessary because it would be almost impossible to detect trends from the calculation. Well, not impossible, but the draft is Saturday and next month, where work 24 / 7 no food or drink, when I finally completed the analysis, the train has already left the station.
Cycles? Will bring you.
Cycle; 20 is the best in Texas. Cycle; 20 identifying the place to look for the history of lottery. This place is 20, then plans. Factor is always going to be to find the 6 numbers to play, rather than random selection, will have an average 0 77 winning numbers drawing instead of 0 67. This is amazing, 15 5% improvement over a clear trend. It is also a statistically significant and can not be ignored. Cycle; 19 were close to the other is 0 76.
But that's not all. Not knowing it was a bad choice, I suppose always choose the number four, then plans, Cycle-4. Unfortunately, only produces an average of 0 56 The number of award-winning project. Cycle; exceeded 20 Circle; 4 awesome 37 5%! As you can see a clear, sound decisions is very important.
Otherwise, a game of luck there, 15%, 37% interest, will bring a smile face no player. This does not mean that the cycle? Always produced 20 winners, you can see the diagram in Figure 1 does not mean that, over time, is the best producer of the winning numbers.
I hear the skeptics out there now, jumping up and down and said, "Ya, but that does not mean that it is still the best." True, but the trends are what I call stability. Not all at once, and not disappear tomorrow. Cycle; 20 King of training and 249 was king then, 50 projects (Project 199). This means that it was the best choice for the last 50 drawings.
So if we are to play the hardest game in the world, should benefit from all that the lottery has to offer. Does this mean it's going to win the lottery? No, not at all. It is much more than that. This is just a simple example of a quiet naysayers, doubters and critics who try to keep the analysis number lottery is a waste of time, and there are no such things and patterns and trends lottery number. So us Serious Lottery players go at Best Lottery Software on the market.
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