Vem kommer inte ihåg “Snälla Åke”? 😛 Video avi and mp3 download link here: Well, this is a classic Swedish Lotto commercial from many years ago and is probably remembered by every man and woman in our country :P. It’s about an employee (Åke) whose hard day of work is over and he’s in a good mood because it’s Friday. Now he’s prepared for a well earned weekend. Unfortunately, his cocky, pompous boss ruins this by stopping Åke on his way out and starts whining about how bad his report is. He’s telling Åke that he’ll have to rewrite the report from scratch and he wants it on Monday. That’s when it snaps for Åke, and to the boss’ suprise, he starts to immitate him in a retarded way. I love it! 😀 The meaning/message with this commercial is that you can win so much money on the Lotto, that you can even afford to be malicious to your boss. Now you know what it’s all about. If you don’t, this’ll be a “WTF?! moment” 😉 Here’s a translation of the dialouge: Woman: Have a nice weekend Åke: Have a nice weekend Åke: (Passing his boss’ office) Have a nice weekend! Boss: WHOAWHOAWHOAWHOA! Sit down. What’s this crap? Åke: Um, yeah, it’s this report… Boss: You’ll have to rewrite that! Until Monday. Åke: Oh well, that’s gonna be hard. Until Wednesday mabye… Boss: I shall have on Monday, Monday morning! You have all weekend. Åke: (Now the mimicing starts) Yu have al wekend! Boss: What did you say?! Åke: Wat did yu say!? Boss: What’s happened? Åke: Wat’s hAApened?! Boss



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