Former MSG employee claims Mega Millions lottery prize.



  • TheBaltimoreKnight

    June 27, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    When I win the mega millions, I’m buying me a descent house, not a mansion out in the suburbs of Baltimore, a bad ass custom old school, getting a few immediate family members a home and car, and live off the rest of the money. No need to blow millions of dollars over a year or two and be in the same situation I was before, you know?

  • TheBaltimoreKnight

    June 27, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    @destrukktt I mean money to spend.

  • TheBaltimoreKnight

    June 27, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    @destrukktt Don’t by 60 tickets next time, unless you got the money to win.

  • Those were his crack friends leaving with him. They couldn’t wait for him to finish, so he could he could get them high, and bang some Harlem diseased Ho’s. – The Lottery is fixed by the Mafia. Don’t be fooled, save your money !

  • Good on ya buddy

  • Congrats to him.

  • great, a drug dealer with more money

  • i like him

  • Its not a good drug. Its disappointing, depressing, and fucking shitty. After last night I spent $60 hoping to win, since I didn’t im still down. all day im going to be pissed..

    but im at a shitty point in life so I was relying on this to fix things 😛 not the best thing to do.

  • Here in Quebec,next week the “Lotto Max” will be 50millions+45( 1million)….fuck that’s a lot of money.

  • Very calm about it. Hope it stays that way.

  • @VIL388 you could play for life you’ll win sometimes if not millions, thousands

  • he’s not bitching about the odds of winning, he took a chance like everyone else

  • @barryAmsterdam

    hahahahah China man

  • I am going to win the next Mega Million Jackpot.

  • @niradaspanada white whores that are chasing for big black snake. That’s all. Are you one of them?

  • congrats dude!! ur lucky i will win someday soon just waitt. loll

  • khow he’s gone public his family and friends will be come his enemies it happened lot of lottery winners fool lol

  • @Crisis757

    you have to show your face or else u cant claim the prize

  • @gendres,,You dont know sh@#T about NYC and its 5 boroughs..Harlem has been regentrified.. that means its 40% white..doctors,lawyers.. white college kids going to Colombia University and plenty of white females.. who walk the streets coming and going on a daily basis.. these white girls are chasing brother’s up here like there the crack., oh and crack does’nt out sell meth which is the heavy drug of choice for most of white america..get it straight!!!

  • @sultaraco shut you

  • @MsClumsySmurf Probably has something to do with a lot of people living there.


  • I’ve seen this guy before. He used to sell crack on 125th st. The lottery is a scam. Save your money !!!

  • Another person from New York won the Mega Million’s jackpot on May, 2010. One newyorker won again, Why?

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