1st Song is Techno Rocker – Base Attack 2nd Song is Television Rules the Nation – Daft Punk 3rd Song is Nessaja – Scooter Just picked these up at the local soccer shop, and what can I say, they’re amazing! They feel like i don’t even have cleats on and are so light weight, its just such a brilliantly developed cleat. I don’t think I will ever go back to laces *******UPDATE***************************** After one season of wearing these cleats, heres what i have to say- Pros: Extremely light, amazing touch and fell for the ball, clean striking area lets the ball placement seem effortless, and they were for the most part very comfy Cons: When you get stepped on its kills, the back part gave me pretty bad blisters on my heel the first weeks but after breaking them in they were fine Overall rating: 9.5/10, I love the fact that they held up nicely and i love the cleats, definitely will be using these again next season.



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