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  • It is made to make the most unlikely people to save and invest money winners. So that they would dump all that money back into the economy because those that win lose it all because they do not know how to mange money. Also the government get their money if no one wins or if someone wins in taxes and some charity tied to the gambling. In short idiots win it and spend it because they have no knowledge of how to be happy in their poor lives.

  • Because of suspicions like yours, actually. It’s a law that you cannot participate in a public raffle from a company you work for. That, and people just get nutters when an employee ZOMG WINS IT’S TOTALLY BS. Basically, they’re covering their asses. Same reason people aren’t allowed to, even jokingly, tell you they’ll give you the winning numbers. It risks questions about the legitimacy they’d rather just avoid because some folks assume there’s a conspiracy everywhere.

  • Trailers for two half hour films from STUDIO AKA ( who made this ad) are up if you search for: VARMINTS TRAILER & LOST AND FOUND TRAILER.

    Check out LOVESPORT as well…

    DVD’s coming soon, & iTunes downloads even sooner!

    You can find out more info at STUDIO AKA’s website.


  • This is my favorite ad of all time. Amazingly well conceived and put together. Love it!

  • Echorlen, I think you misinterpreted their message. The message was to act and be happy. When your positive, you attract positive things. I believe this to be true.

  • I remember this as one of those ads where I had no idea what it was for until the end. Subject and all the controversy aside, this is a little animation I adore. Seems somewhat Burton inpsired, but maybe that’s just me.

    Thanks for posting it.

  • i am misfortunate.

  • Wow, that was the most negative message the media has ever put upon us. So, if I win a buttload of cash, i will finally be happy? I dont need money to be happy. I’m pretty much broke, and I couldnt complain.

  • I never said anything about the population as a whole. I SAID it was people in the same areas mainly white areas, that keep winning. Scotland, Northern Ireland etc…It’s no coincindence that there is never a winner from Hackney or anywhere considered a ‘poor’ and ethnically diverse area.

  • Exactly. What do they have to hide? If it is truly random as they claim then why can’t employees play?

  • well i guess the uk being 90% white (85% british white) has nothing to do with it

  • if you work as a rep or in the national lottery headquarters you are not allowed to play the lottery and that goes for any of your family/friends you may live with ….. that tells me the lottery people know what the numbers will be

  • The National lottey of England have recently announced that most winner come from the ‘Medway towns’ in other words the white areas. There’s a surprise…Not.

  • seems to work the opposite way here in the states…the winners are nearly always “etnic”

  • the government do have a major involvement with the lottery and i personally think that a lot more could be done with the money to improve the very crap NHS and Schools you have today. Lets work together to change for the better and have a government that knows what its doing.

  • The lottery is really a tax for the foolish because the government run it. Any way I think if you pay the lottery money it should all be claimed by the contenders not, arts and hospitals which the government should be doing.

  • One day, there will be a etnic winner. I think the lotto is rigged. The winners are nearly always white and live in middle England…Hmmm
    I am not playing to line middle Englands pockets anymore…

  • thank you, borbetomagus. with that piece of information i was able to find out that is was the made for the UK National Lottery by director Marc Craste. good!

  • The song is ‘A Smile and a Ribbon’ by Patience and Prudence, from 1956.

  • Dear gotmullet from France, this is the National Lottery Animation from WHERE? It’s excellent! Thank you!

  • Nice advert. Do you know who the little one singing is? Sweet voice.

  • chapter 5 verse 33. I chanced and won. ye all 1.
    eye = sikhs. mouth = white man . ears = jewish men. dream = paki men. legs = women. hahahahahaah

  • ive been thinking about this ad since it came on last year. its the best ad in years!!! thanks for putting it on!

  • This is a great advert and I love the music

  • I love this advert, the song is so lovely 🙂 Thanks for posting it! 🙂

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