As with many types of pick 5 lottery games, Nebraska pick is equally challenging as the others. This should involve careful analysis of previous draw results and strategizing to organize and create a possible pick 5 winning system. Many secrets and strategies have been exposed but a lot of them just advice us to learn the game on our own style and formula. Winning the Nebraska pick 5 lottery game otherwise follows the same principle as being aware of the past lottery results and making your own hunch of pattern for winning combinations. This article will show you some of the specific tips in choosing the right numbers that guarantee you a winning set or at least give you a closer idea on how the patterns work. 1. The Odd and Even Rule Choose your lotto numbers properly. How? Try to experiment on the mixture of odd and even numbers that you select. They must be even or closely even with each other. The mixture of even and odd numbers is always a good combination. Draws being done rarely or do not present combinations which is composed of all odd or all even numbers. This is quite an impossible occurrence or less in probability to happen. If you try to mix up your odd and even numbers, try to follow the fraction rule of 2/3. The combination must be composed of 3 odd numbers and 2 even numbers or vice-versa depending on your preference. Their probabilities were proven to have exceeded the 50% gray level which means, the probability of these combinations to be drawn is high. 2. Group your lottery numbers. Nebraska pick 5 winning strategies usually require the player to review a list of winning numbers from the past results of draws. You will eventually learn that winning numbers of the past draws come in a series. If you are that aware of the series shown, study carefully the number groups. Pay special attention to the numbers which should be in the series but are not present. Check the other past winning numbers and be able to analyze and compare them properly. You will be able to find yourself following the right series and not to choose those which are irrelevant to the pattern. 3. High to Low Always remember to focus first on the so called “number field. ” This is the arrangement of the chosen numbers, that if we cut the fields into two, there must be a higher and a lower field. This is the same with the odd and even ruling. It rarely happens that a draw should consist of all low or all high numbers. In Nebraska pick 5, the strategy of the 3/2 or 2/3 fraction of high and low numbers is also applicable. 4. Summation strategy This is a mathematical strategy, looking for the unknown. If you choose your Nebraska pick 5 numbers, sum them up and the result must lay in between the numbers 73 and 122. This range ensures a 70% winning probability. I wish you the best of luck in winning the Nebraska pick 5. With this strategy you should be winning in no time at all!

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