You have always been wishing to win the lottery. Who doesn’t? You can instantly have the money without spending long hours working at the office. I will teach you know some strategies that can make your dream come true of winning New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto.

First of all, you have to let go of the old New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto strategies. In which you would pick only your favorite numbers and bet on it over and over again. You have also used your birth date randomly hoping that it would bring you luck. These New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto strategies have been used by many but it only gives low percent of winning. Some New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto strategies are made by the creators of the game so that no one could ever win the price. These New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto strategies are used by beginners who don’t know how lottery works. There are also New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto strategies that are mathematically or systematically created by these geniuses. They will say that it is easy to use. But the fact that it was made by intelligent people, how can we be sure that they made it simple to understand. I mean, not all people loves math and calculating numbers, right? All these pick 6 strategies have been used. Some are proven true and effective. But is there a simple New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto strategy that you can study over night for you to win that jackpot prize?

The easiest New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto strategy that can make you win multiple times including the jackpot prize is to note the previous winning numbers. If you have to start from the very first draw, don’t hesitate to do it. It could really help you to find that winning combination. The process may be pressing but it would really feel good to win in your own way. As an avid Pick 6 player, you may have noticed that there are certain numbers that keeps on appearing on the draw. Statisticians have also observed that there is indeed a common number. It is called the frequency theory. This is actually against the study that lotto numbers are randomly selected. The frequency theory tells you to use the most frequent numbers rather than your usual favorite numbers that has never or seldom appears on the draw.

The proper way use the frequency theory is to closely figure out the precedent winning lottery numbers. It could also help if you write down the date when the particular hot number appeared. You may be surprised that it has been picked for hundreds of times already. Don’t forget to write down the number of times the specific number has appeared. It will be part of your calculation. After you made your calculations, pick the top six hot numbers and use it. Research shows that choosing these hot numbers is one of the best strategies to win Pick 6 Lotto or any lottery game. The frequency theory may take a lot of your time but once you apply this strategy, you might be delighted with the outcome of your hard work.

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