A preview of the new soccer shoes made by Lotto in cooperation with the University of Pavia. It’s a first time that one shoes for soccer is developed after University study where many soccer player are tested in order to indentify their pivot point in the foot. This point is important during changes of directions, to have in this area a new stud with a goal to eliminate any possible trauma for the body is a great innovation. The stud itìs really new and never was made something of similar. For passionate soccer fans my personal gift 6 months before to see the new shoe in the market. Prof. Testa Mauro



  • The longevity of the boots and in particular of the system is long.
    You’ll finish the boot before to broke the actual solution of the twist and go.
    Here in Italy we have professionist that are using their shoes in two seasons without problem.

  • Actually the boot with the twist and go are without any manifacture problem.
    You have not risk to broke it or to have any failure.
    You can use the boot sure that the twist and go protect yourself from injury related a foot block in the ground in particulary in change direction. enjoi your boots!

  • I shouldn’t have any problems from the ref wearing the boots during a local sunday league match because the twisting stud is made from aluminum (metal), correct? If the ref doesn’t want me to wear the boots, do you have any advice to change the ref’s decision? You don’t want people to buy boots that aren’t allowed to be used.

  • Is there anyway for the seller to know if the boots are from the faulty production? I don’t want to buy the boots online and discover that they are faulty, and waste money on the shipping and postage fee. The boots from the new production have no problems, correct?

    Also, what would be the average longevity (hours of gameplay) of the lotto zhero leggenda due? As well do you have any advice to keep the twisting stud in a good condition?

  • so are these boots allowed? cos i’m a bit concerned that due to the metal stud, the ref may make me change boots. I don’t want to waste my money on boots that i can’t use.

  • ok well my dad is away for work when he gets back i will get the number from him and let you know

  • please, i would be very appreciated.

  • @smellmynutz if you have just received them then you have bought the newer version of the cleats. They have fixed the problem with the new version. If you want i can still get the number from my dad and give it to you.

  • @nysuperbee1970 hi, i have recently ordered a pair of Zhero evolution due online. may i have the phone number of lotto distribution dept.; in case it might going to fall out like yours. thanks!


  • I got in touch with the women and they are going to send me new cleats. thanks for the help.

  • My dad called the distribution center on tuesday and left a message. They still have not called back and we are going to call again on monday. I will keep you updated

  • Perfect, I wait

  • i went to the store i bought them from and then wont replace them but they gave me the lotto distribution number to call. I am going to call them on monday. I will let you know what they day.

  • you bought , unfortunatley for you, the first twist and go production.
    Please go to the shop and ask the replacement of your shoe, lotto will change it with the correct version freely.
    If you have problem don’t esitate to contact me.

  • i bought these cleats about 3 weeks ago and the spinning stud fell out! Can i get it replaced?

    I don’t know if you appreciate or not this philosophy but in Lotto the users buy only the shoes they don’t pay the Lotto marketing decision, without taking any decision!
    As user I consider more honest this approach.
    If you find Lotto more expensive try to change shop, this is my suggest!

  • Regarding price,my informations are different, Adidas and Nike charge the final price to pay their advertising, thus in europe a hight price Adidas/Nike shoe are more then 120 euro, Lotto zhero gravity ; hight price , cost 110 euro!
    Lotto has not economical resources to make advertising to communicate only design or to enforce their testimonial immagine, they communicate with poor resources their technological benefit and not charge this on the user!

  • Italy has great shoes But the price is not with the rest of the world. Only people with money to spare can afford these types of shoes. Thats why Nike, Puma, and Adidas can out sell Kappa and Lotto.

  • Is completly different, you work in cutting movemet or in a torque with your knee without risk of injuries

  • In patent office never was filled before of this, I cannot exclude tha some one else has the same idea ( i’m not a genius or alien). what is important when one guy has an idea is to belive in it en fill to the patent office.

  • This shoes work differently

  • yes is legal not worry

  • are twist and gos spike legal to play with becuase its metal?

  • I would buy those shoes even without the twist and go cus they are really nice, but theyre like 300 bucks. So i got the puma v 1.08 and the total 90 laser II instead.

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