North American SCAM ALERT DVD — Protect Yourself Against Frauds

North American SCAM ALERT DVD is now available.
Host Mayo McDonough guides you through 12 of the
most popular Scams & Frauds in Nor. . .



  • We where going on a vacation and it turned out the hotel had been torn down for years.

  • Lots of Canadian scamming operations also.BrockVancouver, Canada

  • People.. be careful .. Don’t give/wire money to anyone you met online. Several scammers from various places[esp. Ghana, Africa] are online and hitting folks up in Email/PM/IM, ultimately seeking money for various things. There is no real way to verify their sob story so pls ignore them. All Spam emails are scams. Note: Any checks/Money Order/Correspondences From Africa/Nigeria/Ghana is Always a scam!!! Have a great week everyone!

  • bloody american scammers.. there are millions out there, but americans aint screaming about them.. why??.. coz theyr perpertrated by AMERICANS

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