Norway is a country that thought it romantic stories about Vikings and Norse mythology, which has captured the imagination of readers and fantasy enthusiasts for years. This is also the home of one of the local Lotto, Viking Lotto, or Norway / Norwegian Lotto /. / Norwegian Lotto / selects six numbers of a possible forty-eight is one of over twelve million returns. The pot of money was to determine the number of tickets (except for the first prize money) and paid in Norwegian kroner (about fifteen cents U.S.). View the entire population of Norway has almost five million chances to win the first prize will be greater than expected. Choose six numbers, / Norwegian Lotto / network can be played many ways. If the share, the network can be divided into eight to play, so it is one of only eight in number. Although this game is simply a mathematical dimension, this does not always mean a winning combination. The same principles as in any lottery game in the world, it is important to know the numbers in the past. Identification numbers are hot or cold will be the best we can use. Single-digit numbers occur infrequently or have since more than fifty games. Rate can be used to even play / Norwegian Lotto / because the potential to grow another 15 percent. Network sharing, both smaller and larger numbers can be selected according to the probability of selection. To measure the history of numbers, can increase the opportunities, because the probability of that combination was something and it forty-six per cent. Number of groups is another way when it comes to getting the best combination, having spent some numbers, as the low and high t for the network. Sometimes, leaving a number one and replace it with another number, will result in a high probability of almost 70 percent of all the winning combinations. In most cases, some players may consider playing not think, just because it reduces the chance of winning a cash prize. Avoid one-six Combo, combo, or multiples can certainly help. It helps to spend the money on a whim, because it only adds frustration and renounces the idea of gambling forever. What the Norwegians, who have contact with the technical side, they employ a lottery software that allows a productive combination of numbers and sometimes work, but not always the best thing to do, since it is no coincidence that always calculated. Although the population of Norway has almost five million, where / Norwegian Lotto / very serious effect sour game in which there is no chance to win money is wasted. It may be cheap, the U.S., but the Norwegians do not believe. Enjoy the game, he is willing to spend money on a game of chance, a chance to be rich is closer than ever.

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