The Greatest Mystery of All. What are matter, forces and energy, in one word what is the universe made off ? What IS before and after? An ultimate super energy beyond the BigBang, another dimension? Decoding this mystery is the upmost and nearly impossible human challenge. (but never say never) Maybe life and universe are but fiction! Naming the super energy God, is useless. Because it would be another fantasy of our human mind. We are but evolved molecules, no God cares for molecules! The code for solving the earth mysteries however, is given in my book “the 3 Laws of Life”. An “easier” to decode, but fascinating mystery, is finding the origin of life. Supposing life came with a meteorite from outer space is an unpractical side road. Earth is a most ideal cauldron to emerge life. Observe in nature some weird anorganic sediments, one could not distinguish them with the naked eye from lower organisms. Today’s evolved life needed an enormous amount of time, following the Darwin evolution principle. However, we forgot the other aspect of time: the endless number of nature’s trial possibilities of emerging more complex molecules. Comparison: you sure will win the lottery if you play millions of times. I add here an old idea of mine: life emerged billions of years ago? If it could then, it can emerge all the time, even today. But we are not able to discover that, due to the scale. M Mutadis