Personality AnalysisMost of the systems of Numerology take into account only the Birth number. Month and year of birth are ignored. In India an ancient system of Numerlogyexisted.   It is based on the Vital or Life Number. Vita in Latin means Life. This Vital Number is based on the ownership of planets. Your personality characteristics, fate and planetary positions at the timeof your birth are closely inter connected.   Indian, Western, Chinese,Egyptian and Korean astrologers as well as Numerologists have establishedthis fact. The Occidental System   –   The Pythagorean Method In the West it was Pythagorus who founded Numerology ba-sed on the Fadic Number. It was in numbers that Pythagorus found the mystery of the Universe. Zero One and Infinity are numbers. The co-ncepts of Fadic Number & Integral Fadic number therefore comes from the West. The Oriental System    –    The Vararuchian Method In the East it was Vararuchi who assigned digits to the letters of the alphabet ( Vararuchi  Krutham  Paral Sankhya). Even though English is  lingua internationale ( international language) it is derived from the mother of all languages Sanskrit. The conc- ept of Name Number & Integral Name Number comes from the East. Also the concepts of Birth & integral Birth Numbers. The Zodiac Integration of both Western & Eastern SystemsZodiac Computers with  its  rich research background in Astrology Numerology and Gemology has integrated both the systemsand has taken the best out of both appreciating the material rich- ness of the West and the spiritual richness of the East. Both theschools of Numerology viz the system based on the Fadic Number and the system based on the Name Number have been integrated. The Vital Number is ruled by a key planet and that planet is the mostimportant planet which influences the person. Know your Vital Number and usethis Number for success in Speculation – in lottery, stock exchange andjackpot. The Number 3 is always beneficial for me, as it is ruled by a wellpositioned Jupiter in my horoscope ( Jupiter in Cancer in the Ascendant ). So what I did was to take a lottery ticket whose Fadic Number is 3. I got afairly big prize. I used this Number in the Stock Market also. Jupiter rulesBanking and Banking stocks – SBI,  ICICI Bank, Corporation Bank etc – gaveme good returns. I entered the market at 3500 levels and exited at 6100levels, since I did not want to take more risks. Moderate should be our aim. Not greed. So these psychic sciences can be used to make a living.   Wecannot go bust, unless  Greed takes the upper hand. In our Zodiac Software, you simply feed the name and date of birth andthe Software gives you a ten page report, based on Personality Analysis. You can check at http://www. eastrovedica. com/html/personalityanalysis. htm

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