What makes lottery a very attractive game of chance is the fact that it requires a small amount of money with thousands or even millions of dollars worth of prize at stake. Many people have been enticed to place their bets but only a few goes home a winner. Unknown to the rest of bettors, there is a technique in which you could increase your chances in winning the lottery especially when it comes to Pick 3. Pick 3 is a kind of lottery game wherein you will be choosing a set of number from number 0 to 9 depending on the given category below:1.     Straight. In this game, the numbers you have chosen should match the numbers drawn by the lottery machine or a computer. 2.     Box. This one requires you to match three numbers in any order. 3.     Straight/box. This is a combination of preceding two categories. 4.     Front Pair. This requires you to get a match of the first 2 numbers that has been drawn by the lottery machine or computer. 5.     Back Pair. This requires you to match the last 2 numbers that has been drawn. As you can see, Pick 3 is the easiest to win among the other kinds of lottery since the odds of your number getting drawn is small. Moreover, a one digit bet can reap you prizes ranging from three to four digits. That is not bad given the odds and the value of the bets as long as you use the Pick 3 hints. Proceeding now as to how to win this game, my advice is to keep using a consistent set of numbers. What these numbers are solely depends on you. It could be from past results or trends, a special number to you for sentimental reasons, etc. Just keep placing bets on the same number. The reason for this Pick 3 hints has statistical basis. The more you bet on the same number, the lower the odds of the game gets. It is all about lowering the odds. And with the use of Pick 3 hints, being able to do so is almost a guaranteed win. Aside from the picking a favorite number, you should also at least have another set of favorite numbers so in case your primary set of number fails, the second set is there to scoop out the loss. You should also make use of the different category of Pick 3. For wise bettors, Pick 3 hints are a great opportunity not only to regain the loss of a bet or even win more money. What I’m saying is that, aside from placing a bet in straight, try placing a bet in a more winnable game like Front Pick or Back Pick. This way, you are more likely to get back what you have betted on Straight. To sum it all up, my Pick 3 Hints would comprise of picking a reliable set of numbers and betting on it constantly, get a second set of numbers to lessen the odds more, and finally, choose an easier category like Front pick or Back pick just for the sole purpose of guaranteeing that you will get back the money you betted on.

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