The wind is running through your face. With a fast maneuver to the right you can see your enemy and shoot down his plane. After that it is time to do some stunts to show how happy you are to the onlookers below. Sun is growing done and you can see the trees and sea below you. You decide that now is the best time to go home and relax with your family. A log day of flying has just ended…… well, or a long day playing an airplane simulator game.

Airplane simulator games have been popular even in the time of the first release of the computer. These games have been a favorite of kids and adults alike. Of course airplane simulation games have improved with every new generation. It seems people cannot get enough of these sim games. Why is everyone so addicted?

Most airplane simulator games are upgraded very often and also get enhancements. The choices of planes get vaster; some games even give you the option to modify your plane. The ports and graphics get better. Upgrades improve aircraft sim games from generation to generation. In addition to new plane choices you will also see changes that make the game even more realistic: you will see cars moving on the bottom, other moving planes, and you may even notice a flock of birds flying. A good airplane simulator game shows a clear and detailed view while flying. Seeing the background to move along with you makes you feel like you were flying an actual plane.

Oftentimes the objective of a flight sim game is to complete a mission. Good aircraft sim games do not only offer one mission but many, so you won’t get bored fast. With the help of really good controls you will be able to complete the task easily and will have a lot of fun. The airports available are also considered. The more airports available throughout the globe, the larger the area you can fly on.

All airplane games come with different difficulty levels, this also assures that you won’t get bored fast. Another amazing features are weather conditions. In case there is wind or rain you should land at the nearest airport. As mentioned, airplane simulator games already have a long history and they are definitely here to stay.

They stand out above other games because of their realistic eye-candy graphics and exciting missions. Flight sim games are fun and really exciting. So in case you have not tried one so far, you missed a lot