EPS File
EPS or Encapsulated PostScript is a file format designed for the exchange of drawings, layouts of pages and images. EPS files are used mainly for illustrations and publishing. These files can also be used in any kind of graphics. Different software programs are required based on your use with the EPS files. You can view the EPS files easily with your Mac or Windows computer that contain a program to open the EPS files. EPS files can be viewed through Microsoft Word, Apple Preview, Adobe Acrobat, Ghostview and Adobe Illustrator. EPS file are of two types- EPS photo file and vector based graphics.

EPS photo files cannot increase the resolution that is already set for the image, and scaling of EPS photo file will corrupt the image. Graphic formats that are vector based will be able to scale infinitely. The image will not get degraded by scaling as the graphics files are vector based. Editing of the EPS file is possible using the software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw. EPS file format can be converted into another format using ImageMagick. The major problem faced by the graphic artists is the blurred and pixelated image when a picture is enlarged. EPS format is the solution for this problem. EPS saves a great amount of time while doing high resolution computer illustrations. The EPS format displays the enlarged image just like that of the original without any lines or dots. EPS format allows the translating of the images into any kind of DTP program by keeping the original quality, even though the images are resized and repositioned.

JPG File
JPG File is also known as the JPEG file, and is used as a common format for bitmap images such as digital photos, pictures and other graphics. The expanded form of JPEG is Joint Photographic Expert Group. There are two sub-formats for JPG files JFIF and Exif formats. The file extensions for JPEG compression are .jpeg and .jpg. Other file extensions such as .jfif, .jif and .jpe are also used. JPG is extremely small, usually compressed into 1/10 to the size of original. Lossy compression is used in JPG files which mean that the image quality is degraded when saved in a compressed form, and the quality cannot be recovered.

JPG files have an advantage while using with emails and web pages which are required to be small. In certain cases, you can compromise the quality for the small size, and for such images JPG files can be used. The quality of the data will be lost every time you compress and save a JPG file. So it is better to discard the old file and make a new one from the TIF master to retain the resolution of the image.

PNG File
PNG file or Portable Network Graphic format will consist of a bitmap with indexed colours. Lossless compression is used in a PNG file. The PNG file is mainly used for storing the graphics of web images. This format is used to improve the colour support, and for providing the image without any copyright limitations. PNG format can be read and used freely by webmasters and software developers because there will be no patent restrictions. Most of the web browsers support the PNG images. Since this format uses lossless compression, quality of the data is not lost while saving and viewing the image.

PNG has unique pre-processing filters which increases the efficiency of the lossless compression. The pre-processing filters may cause the PNG to be read or written slower than other file formats. Another unique feature of PNG is the Alpha channel which allows the images to have opacity of multiple levels. This feature allows you to create the images with various degrees of transparency that can be used for blending the images with any background so that the background will be displayed through the transparent pixels. PNG also offers Gamma correction that enables you to correct the image differences on various computer systems. While transferring or downloading the PNG files, the file integrity checks will prevent the problems of downloading the file.

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