Lyrics below Track #4 off Da Prolifik 1 mixtape vol 1 Download at Lyrics: I hate when mothafuckas all happy go lucky When they rich and good lookin’, smack em til they ugly And jack em til they broke, see how much they joke and smile Or if they about ready to go loc and wild And resort to all type of activities Legal or illegal don’t matter, is you feelin’ me? Lyrically, I’m just tryna shed a little light On why people do these things in the dead of the night Cus they fed up with life, tired of strugglin so much Life ain’t pretty, on the other side of the track it sucks So what in the fuck, you expect someone to do? When they dangle all the worlds riches right infront of you And in the meantime, you ain’t got enough for a meal At the local Denny’s, any mothafucka that feels What I’m sayin’ knows the deal, we ain’t criminals for fun Or some mothafuckin phyco individuals with guns Lookin to shoot someone, for some type of a thrill But sometimes its like, defend your life or get killed And that’s real, and sometimes you gotta hustle for funds Cus you know they damn sure ain’t givin us none Or no easy avenue in which to earn ourselves some I guess they probably wish we’d just burn ourselves huh? But I ask, why is it that no one lends a helpin’ hand To the lower class, are we just trash? to tell a man He has less right than you to eat food, ain’t rude I call that shit downright cruel And what about the kid, who grows up in poverty Hopin that they single