DISCLAIMER: I do not own the video. All rights go to its rightful owner. No copyright infringement intended. Translation after they have dinner: TH: Why are you working so hard all of a sudden? You said that you had met your mother already and that you were going overseas. I’m glad you decided to stay but why are you working so hard all of a sudden? YS: In your eyes I must seem like a lazy rich person but compared to everyone else, I’m not even like that. TH: So what? You want to become the top amongst the top? YS: Yes, that’s what I plan to do. TH: That’s quite an amazing dream. YS: What’s your dream? TH: Me? Nothing much really, I just want a nice pig dream. (Pig = lots of good fortune) So that when I wake up, I can win the lottery. YS: Huh, what are you going to do when you win the lottery? TH: Guess what the name is of the most recent book I read. YS: What is it? TH: Using five dollars and turning that into 5 million dollars. When you have money, you can do anything. I don’t know if you would understand but it’s easy to love for money and it’s easy to betray someone for money. And because of money, many situations can arise. I used to fight a lot with that person over money but now that I think about it, we shouldn’t have fought at all. YS: When will it disappear? TH: What will? YS: Hwang Tae-hee’s memories from the past five years. When will they be gone? Will it take another five years to make them disappear? They stand up and Yong-shik whispers something but Tae