I want to create an online lotto site. Users would log in, purchase virtual tickets and play the weekly lotto. My question is how to make it so they deposit money legally? I will host the site in a country where the government will license the operation, so it’s legal (obviously I won’t host in the US). I will also have an international bank account.



  • you can start getting conections with others l otto sites and then start your own site
    tell them that you want to invest or something like that
    i would reccomend to get counseling with an expert

  • first you have to establish an off shore company,this can be in Canada,Malta etc.This will cost something like 40K.Then you’ll have to find a host which will charge you around 10K monthly.Find a good lawyer who made this operation before and a web marketer.You marketing budget should be around 10K/monthly.Of course you will have to make a deal with Visa/Mastercard Pay Pal,Neteller etc.
    Good luck

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