Another in the series of honest answers about remote viewing. This shows the use of Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) for selecting numbers.



  • i wonder if anyone has attempted to remote view muhammed, I know they’ve viewed Jesus. it would be interesting. maybe people should just influence rich people into giving them money or at least high paying jobs.

  • @shobyms Would be interested in seeing what you have. Everyone has their own interpretation of things, though, so please don’t automatically expect me to be a convert. At least, I will discuss, if I find something I have problems with – I’m not the kind to shoot people down – hope to get the same treatment from others, too.

  • Hello Sir LynBuchanan: Thanks for your comment..if you need a rough abstract of how instant manifestation works in relation with your “remote View into future” i have some..feel free to mail my youtube a/c and i am glad.I am pretty sure you won’t regret it.perhaps, it will be an asset to your project [ i never used any bias at any rate to formulate this theory].I have been put down many times with may theories and techniques.However, i am no master in this field but one day soon enough.Cheerio.

  • @shobyms I know how to remote viewing. May’be I try it on this project.
    since I am working on this one.

  • also, i have gone through your theory but i dont feel it is sheer or 100% able to replicate.But i see it worked because you did instant manifestation or summoning without knowing it.. however , you would have tried to remote view of numbers. but my perspective is you tried to “summon” the numbers.. i know this is a delicate subject..but i am positive that you can win lottery… no offense meant.

  • it is because of Instant manifestation. Inst.Mani is to ordain a specific wish and make it happen.remote viewing only happens for past/present events..Perhaps your theory making you confused.. I didn’t tell it is not possible.. ppl mix up things each other..end of the day,even if your theory is wrong, you won!I am glad..Instant manifestation works as same as psionics (tele/psychokinesis).no offense, btw if you dont want that money, send it to me.. lol

  • @LynBuchanan : that is not because of remote viewing. it is because of “instant manifestation” .. Remote viewing only happen for past or present events.Our future aren’t prior -written in matrix or somewhere. By instant manifestation, you may win lottery.. I meant the principle of you said. i know you can get as what you want ..{ now read the previous with what i said now}. If anyone predicted numbers, it is because of “instant manifestation” both aren’t same btw.

  • This is the 1st time I have ever heard of such a thing. Very interesting. I would love to know more. I don’t know why…but ever since I was a kid…I have had a very big interest in psychic things and stuff. I don’t think I have ever had any experiences that would warrant the strong interest. oh well…

  • this is confusing. I just wish I could win once….lol

  • @shobyms Darn! I’m sorry to hear that. I’m glad I didn’t know it at the time, or else I wouldn’t have won.. So, what do I have to do now? Give all the money back?

  • completely lies: i mean the principle of he puts forth..there is no such thing as future remote viewing and get the signals about it.. i know how it works but dont wanna tell in here. this will still make ppl confused and not to attain their target.. FUTURE REMOTE view is a lie but you can remote view past/present..

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  • @luigifla Making a living is determined by what you get. Making a life is determined by what you give.

  • @luigifla Personally, I’ve used what I learned about remote viewing to provide my family with financial security and a good life. As for focusing on lotteries, I don’t. When I get the time to do a session, there are too many people in need, too many police cases, etc. I’ve gained a lot from what I learned in the military. Right now, I’m not getting any younger, and I’m just trying to give back what I can.

  • @luigifla I think that a lot of the questions are appropriate. Some of the comments, like that of allahconsciousness, tend to show a person’s own mental state than an openness to new possibilities, but that’s to be expected on the web.

  • @pipdoodler The CIA memo stated that it hadn’t been useful, but didn’t cite evidence. It also conveniently forgot to mention why it had repeatedly renewed the funding for the project on a yearly basis, 26 years in a row.

  • @pipdoodler Absolutely right. That is why a single person working alone should always work the Pick-3 drawings instead of the big, huge megamillion lotteries with 6 balls (12 digits) and then an extra one. For working the big lotteries, you need a team of individuals who have practiced and become proficient at getting one or two digits, all working together.

  • @Namaste1001 Right. There is such stress by many people on how to use it for personal gain – not a bad thing in these hard economic times – but let’s not forget how it can be used to help others, as well. Thanks for your post.

  • @Reckax Right. Thanks. I’ve had many people respond, showing that they didn’t understand what had been said. It’s good to see that someone gets the process.

  • @ChoiceDowsing It is good to keep data on your method. There are a lot of people out there trying things, some having success, some not. But without documentation, nothing is learned for everyone. Glad to see that you’re trying to figure out this problem. I firmly believe that the answer to it will open new awareness about the subconscious mind, and that may possibly lead to some very productive spin-offs in many fields.

  • @AllahConsciousness I’m sure Allah is very proud of you.

  • @dagonra Thanks for the information. I was one of the viewers for that project, and wound up being a trainer for incoming personnel, so I know about Stargate (and the other 6 project names it went under). Good to see that you’re interested in the amazing time in our military’s history – that most people still know very little about. It’s an amazing story that’s still coming to light.

  • @strictpolicy Good question, and the truth is that we’re not sure of the answer. It seems that, just as we can give the coordinates of a location and the subconscious mind knows where to go, the same can be done with the coordinates of a time. we’re slowly learning about the subconscouis mind by trying new things and keeping and analyzing data. Lots of theories abound, but hopefully, the data will finally give us some answers.

  • So glad to see the results which come from trying it first to learn what you’re talking about. (I’m sure you did try it first before being such an expert, right?)

  • if numbers mean nothing then how are you remote viewing INTO the future AT A SPECIFIC time, which is essential a number and point in future space-time

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