lottery system review
We have reviewed hundreds of Lottery programs and Lottery systems covering all the major lotteries around the world, and most of them are rubbish. We would have been just as well to pick random numbers by closing our eyes and and trusting to lady luck.

However, during our lottery system review, we found a few of these systems did have some success. how to win the lotteryAlthough we never won a jackpot with any of them, we did see a profit.

Here is a list of lottery software that we found successful to some degree. Against each one, we have given a score, and a link to more information and testimonials. We found they were ALL suitable for the UK NATIONAL LOTTERY, as the principles and tactics can be applied to many lotteries worldwide.

As new programs are released, we will review them here and list any that we consider worthy of inclusion. Remember to bookmark our site and come back regularly to check out new systems we come across.

LottoMasta International gave us best results with a system to dramatically improve your odds of winning. This system is good for all lotteries.

Name Score Cost Info
1 LottoMasta International ** BEST BUY ** 9.8 $39.95 info
2 Lotto Pro (almost 200 programs – wow) 9.7 $29.95 info
3 Net Lotto 9.5 $42.00 info
4 Lottery Profit 9.0 $39.95 info
5 Code Cracked 8.5 $19.94 info
6 Beat the Lotto 8.0 $39.95 info
7 Pick 3 7.9 $29.97 info
8 Winning Lottery Wheel Systems 7.5 $19.95 info
9 Lucky Sam Software 7.0 $7.95 info


Name: is the name of the Lottery software program, product or system

Score: is the score out of 10. This includes factors like overall success, usability and value for money.

Cost: is how much you pay for the product.

Info is a link to more product information where you can read more details about the software, including REAL testimonials from existing customers.

They ALL offer a money back guarantee so there is NO RISK in you trying a program out. You can always request a refund should you not like the program.

Disclaimer: Although we have reviewed the Lottery Software Programs and Systems detailed in the above list, we don’t endorse any one, and make no claims they will turn you into a millionaire overnight! As with all systems, it is up to you to use them correctly and follow the instructions to get the results you seek. If you find you aren’t satisfied with any of the lottery software, then we recommend asking the vendor for a refund (even if they do not offer one – always ask).