There’s no doubt about it: Rift is the best MMORPG since World of Warcracft.
So, the next step is a good guide for Rift – but where to look?
A popular author of WoW guides, Tony Sanders, has just released his <a href=””>”Rift: Planes of Telara” strategy guide</a>. This downloadable e-book is hot off the presses, just released and ready for you to get a good look at.
Why is a guide helpful for Rift?
Let’s take a look.
Rift includes thousands of class combinations, several hundred rifts and PvP layouts, and dozens of end-game bosses and raids to work through. There is also a crafting system, 50 quest levels, and hundreds of possible decisions that will alter how you play the game.
If you want to rip into this game like you do all the other new MMOs out there, you need to be pointed in the right direction and if you want a good head start, you need Tony’s guide – it’s called “Rift Blueprint” and it’s only available through the link below.
You can’t go wrong with this quick start guide.
<a href=””>Tony Sanders Rift Blueprint</a>