Oscar and Wendys proposal. I want to thank Cesar, the guy in the beginning of the video, because without his help i wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without any snags or getting busted. He is my best friend, my best man, and one day some crazy ass ho is going to win the lottery with this guy! He helped set it all up and sneak money from bank to bank without raising suspicion. Everything went exactly as planned although Armandos guitar was improvised. The whole box in a box trick and then finally the iphone she’s been asking me for……or so she thought. Inside the iphone box was a note “Syke!! ……pleas lift tab for a sweet ass promise ring!” Then underneath was a ring pop, the rest is on the video. To help with the champagne joke in the video the host of this get together, Suzie, was a few margaritas deep and found a champagne bottle in the vegetable crisper and wanted to pop it open earlier, she figured one of the guests brought it and left it behind. Cesar and i had to convince her not to and that we would open it up for new years. …thank you Clem for being there in the back ground to witness this, we love you and miss you so much.