NOW A DAYS A PERSON NAMELY MR. PARAMJIT BHULLAR (A KIDNAPPER & A TOUT OF PROSTITUTES) IS FLASHING SOME FAKE INFORMATION ABOUT A VERY HONEST & REPUTATED PERSON NAMELY MOHAMMAD UMAR ASHARFI ON YOU TUBE AND MANY OTHER MISLEADING SITES. THE SAME SITES DEEMS LIKE THE NEWS PAPER SITE BUT IN FACT THESE SITES ARE OWNED BY MR. PARAMJIT BHULLAR HIMSELF. MR. PARAMJIT BHULLAR USES THESE SITED TO BLACKMAIL THE RICH & HONEST PEOPLE AND EXTORT THE MONEY. FIRST OF ALL MR. BHULLAR (RESIDENT OF CANADA J) MEET TO THE VICTIM AND MADE THEIR VIDEOS BY SPY CAMERA AND AFTER THIS HE UPLOAD THIS VIDEOS ON THE NET ALONG WITH SOME FALSE AND DEFAMATORY COMMENTS ( LIKE — on such & such day canada police issued a arrest warrant against the …………..(name of the victim) & he is a criminal or cheater or he conned many of the people in canada…etc) and then when the victim asked to mr. bhullar to delete the videos and comments from the net. Mr. paramjit bhullar. i live in canada and i know very well to mr. paramjit bhullar and his faimly. his wife also helps him in this extortion game. so i want to informe you all by this massage that whoever read any such type of information which is posted on the net regarding mohammad umar asharfi or any other person are fake and fabricated. i also want to tell that there is no any arrest warrant against mohammad umar asharfi in canada till today. you can also this fact on the official site of canada police. so once again you all requseted not to believe such