If you are reading this Runescape article, I would assume you may possibly have only 100K gp, or even 25 gp, and wish to make Runescape millions fast!

With that, this Runescape article, titled: “Runescape Guide to Millions – Make Runescape Millions Utilizing The Chicken Feather Technique!” will give you an notion on how to do just that.

Let’s jump correct in!

Whenever you very first came out of Tutorial Island, you are low levels, no money and completely lost in the Runescape world, appropriate?

So, the very first thing you would like to do would be to focus on making at least 1 million in Runescape! Don’t even think of your levels, experience points and skills.

The 1st Runescape millions strategy I would use would be to kill chicken for gp.

It is definitely effortless, as chicken won’t hurt you at all. You can stay at the chicken coop and begin killing them all day. Chicken feathers are stackable, so you can put loads of them inside your inventory.

Kill as several chicken as achievable, and get at least 1,000 to 2,000 feathers.

Once you get 1,000 feathers, go to the runescape power leveling Grand Exchange and sell your chicken feathers.

At the point of this writing, feathers are selling at 14gp on the Runescape Grand Exchange. So, please remember to check the price prior to selling them for maximum profits.

So, let’s do some calculation: 1,000 X 14 gp = 14,000 gp

You may take about 1 – 2 hours to get that amount, and you ought to give your self a pat on your back. That’s excellent achievement as compare to your 25 gp whenever you very first begin out.

With that, let’s imagine you get 14,000 gp every hour. You only get to play three hours a day.

So, it is 14,000gp X 3hours X 7days X 4weeks = 1,176,000 gp. That’s over 1 Million gp.

If you are really hardworking and maintain killing chickens, you need to be able to get to your Runescape millions in 5 days or so.

Making Runescape millions is seriously quick, which I have already show you how above! Once you know how to do it, it’s seriously challenging work, focus and consistency.

I have know a lot of Runescape millionaires, and all of their successes boil down to 3 very simple rules…

They are focus, consistency and patience.

So, focus, be discipline and consistence and I will see you in the millionaire circle club in Runescape!