Many people test their luck in trying to win the lottery but fail to realize the actual odds of trying to win the lotto. Put it this way, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning TWICE in one day, rather than winning the lottery. It is nearly impossible but many people dump thousands and thousands of dollars a year in hopes of becoming a millionaire overnight. Pick winning lottery numbers is nearly impossible which is why many states have scratch off tickets where you will instantly become a winner in seconds. I have been playing scratch offs for over 25 years. Being a convenience store owner, I saw first hand how many people won scratch off tickets and what method they used to win them. I saw one guy even win ONE MILLION DOLLARS! I could not believe it, he nearly fainted and I thought I was going to have to call the ambulance! I have also been on the opposite end of the spectrum. I have seen people lose thousands and thousands of dollars! Some people thought that buying whole scratch off rolls was the way to go. Each roll costs at least $300, and their return on investment was on average NEGATIVE 120 dollars at least! That’s right; each time a roll was bought on average they lost nearly 120 dollars. It wasn’t worth it and I highly recommend NOT buying entire scratch off ticket rolls. You don’t need lucky numbers or horrible chances of winning the lottery. If you’re buying the RIGHT scratch offs tickets you should have a 1:3 chance of winning AT LEAST. When buying instant game tickets you need to stick to $2, $5, $10, and $20 tickets. These give you the best chances of winning. Stay CLEAR of $1 tickets. These are for suckers and you will just lose your money consistently instead of winning. You have on average a 1:9 chance to win a FREE TICKET. That is risking $9. 00 for the chance to win a $1. 00 FREE TICKET. Doesn’t make sense right? Well people spend millions of dollars on 1 dollar tickets every year. It is you’re states money maker and they make the most profits off $1 tickets. The winning tickets are usually bought at the $20. 00 level. At this level you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning AT LEAST your money back. If you are using scratch-off techniques of increasing your odds and chances of winning you will turn this 1 in 3 chance into a 1 in 1. 5 chance. There is a lot that goes into choosing winning scratch off tickets. Where you should buy the tickets, the amounts you should pay for each ticket, how many to buy in a row, where to cut your losses, etc. . . Many people think there is no strategy into buying scratch off tickets. If you think this way you are wrong. There are so many scratch off secrets out there to help you stop wasting your money and start investing it playing the instant lottery games.

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