WATCH IN HD FOOLS! The new machinima series, Senor Quacks, focuses on two seemingly dimwitted friends (Doug and Olli) as mother luck happens to throw them a bone in their pathetic dead-end lives and the two win the biggest ever recorded lotto draw through a joint bought lotto ticket. But instead of using their riches to ensure relaxing, peaceful futures, Olli spends the money on an ancient and butt ugly cargo ship called “The Senor Quacks” in an attempt to fullfil his desire for adventure and galactic exploration. And having orginally bought half the ticket and owner to half the earnings as a result, a reluctant Doug is entitled to all of the fun of Olli’s dreams too! Episode 1 – The Big Break It all begins as Doug and Olli buy the faithful lotto ticket, only to actually win an unprecedented sum of cash, and have Olli blow it on a spaceship. “SENOR QUACKS” was created under Microsofts Game Content Usage Rules using assets from HALO 3, © Microsoft Corporation. Copyrights to all other content not owned by Microsoft including (but not limited to) music, sound effects, game content and miscallenious images belong to their respective owners. This series takes direct inspiration from the Firefly series, created by Joss Whedon.