Sift Heads is a shooting games collection primarily based on a story about a man known as Vinnie. Other included characters are Shorty, who’s Vinnie’s girlfriend and Kiro, who began off in the collection as Vinnie’s greatest enemy and a member of the Japanese mafia clan referred to as Yakuza. These games are violent by nature, with plenty of gun fights, blood and car chases. The video games have develop into a “must have” for shooting game websites to include, with a small assortment of 7 Sift Heads mini games, beginning with Sift Heads 0 when Vinnie was a baby.
The story of Vinnie’s character is that he lost his father when he was solely two years of age. The father died in a fight in Italy between 2 different types of Mafia groups. His mother was keen on giving Vinnie a safe upbringing so she took him to the states in an try to start out a new life with no violence nor criminality. But when Vinnie got older he went in his father’s footsteps and tried to make the world a better place by defeating mafia clans. He was quickly the very best one in the nation and started a gang who refered themselves as the Bounty Hunters, which means, individuals who captures fugitives for monetary rewards. This ends in Vinnie getting a great number of followers and admirers but it surely also brings him a variety of enemies.

The enemies in the Sift Heads sequence that you’ll face for those who determine to have a go at one of the games are: Alonzo who’s the chief of the Italian Mafia in Chicago, he gets his arm cut off by one of many members of the bounty hunters, one other famous enemy of the Bounty Hunters is Master Yuuma, an previous samurai and the chief of the Yakuza clan the place Kiro once was a member until the clan had some inner issues and took the decision to kill Kiro’s youthful brother.

So what about Shorty, Vinnie’s girlfriend, what kind of woman would ever determine to be part of Vinnie’s wild way of life where a shiny future is way from reachable? Believe it or not however Shorty was raised by a rich household in France and was given the good life. She gets tired of this and seeks the harmful life by hanging out with drug sellers from Eastern Europe. Something happens, which isn’t clear within the Sift Heads story, and Shorty decides to flee the country and meets Vinnie in Chicago and they fall in love. With the role as the girlfriend of the Bounty Hunter leader, it requires a knowledge in tips on how to survive in such a harmful world, so she turns into a member of the group herself. She is a quick learner, and Vinnie teaches her learn how to become an amazing Bounty Hunter. Her speciality soon appears to be handling weapons and she gets the clans responsibility in this department.

The last Sift Heads game has now hit the online market with the identify “Sift Heads World – The Ultimatum” but the designer staff has obtained extra plans to continue developing different projects for their true fans. So don’t despair there might be more.