Although they are not really Venus and Mars, there are really some major differences between state lotto that is draw in the United States and lotto that is drawn by global lottery websites.

State Lotto Vs Global Lotto: The Major Differences

The most major difference is that, with a global lotto site, you can wager on a combination from practically anywhere in the world. In the United States, tickets for state-drawn lotteries can only be bought at state-accredited retailers. In the state of Florida, for example, you can only buy tickets from 13,000 state retailers, and winning tickets need to be filled out and mailed to the claims processing department of the state lotto department.

Any Kind Of Lotto Is Still Popular

Of course, this major difference really doesn’t change the fact that lotto is by far one of the most popular gambling forms. Regardless of where you are playing your lotto, the game is played the same. You choose a combination from a set of numbered balls. The most common forms of lotto are the 40-ball and the 49-ball lotto. To increase your chances of winning, you actually have to know a bit about probabilities, which is something that many of us should have learned in our math subjects in high school.

Instead of buying one-off combinations, what you can do is to develop a system entry and pick out a combination. System entries in lotto range from eight-number system entries to fifteen-number system entries. Applying some probability formulas, you will find out that it really doesn’t matter how many balls there are in the drawing; you increase your chances at winning just by maintaining a fifteen-number system. You increase your chances of winning over 5,000 times simply by betting on a fifteen-number system.

State Lotto Vs Global Lotto: Which Should You Choose?

Now that you know the math, you might be asking if there is a particular benefit to betting on state lotto as against global lotto sites. The answer is yes. State lottery winnings are taxed up to 25% for prizes that are greater than $5,000 and if the winner is a U.S. Citizen or an alien with a Social Security card. Winnings by non-resident aliens are taxed 30%.

With global lotto sites, prize monies are not taxed. Depending on the amount, your winning could be credited to your credit card (for small amounts) or be transferred to your bank account (for big cash prizes).

The Drawback To Global Lotto Sites

The only drawback is that the price for participating at the global lotto sites may be higher than the price that is charged by the official operators of the lotto draw. International buyers, especially those coming from countries with weak currencies might find joining very expensive because of the official currency being used at these sites: the US dollar. Consider the true cost of joining before deciding on a global lotto site or a lotto draw that is operated by your own country.

In any case, you stand to benefit from the varying prize monies up for grabs, which is usually in the range of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.

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