Stock Market Astrology has been defined as a blend of Technical Analysis &

Predictive Astrology with Fundamental Analysis lending support

Planetary Strength Hypothesis

The sixfold source of planetary strength ( Shadbala ) is used for

prognostication. The strengths of planets are deduced from Shadbala.

Your speculative planetary potential can be judged by the following formula

Planetary Potential = Strength of North Node ( Rahu ) + Strength of

Jupiter divided by 2

The Houses, 5, 9 and 11 are very important. If the lords of these houses are

powerful, then success in speculation is guaranteed. The formula can be

elaborated thus

Speculative Potential = Strengths of ( 9th lord, 11th lord, 5th lord,

Rahu, Jupiter ) divided by 5.

The Position of Ketu, the South Node

Ketu in the 11th can give monetary windfall through lottery, stock exchange

and jackpot. People with Ketu in the 11th should study the Dow Jones Theory

and the Wave Theory. Using Technicals and Astrology, they can be successes

in the highly volatile stock market. ( I entered the share market in 1987

as my Ketu was in the 11th Bhava. Immediately I met with success. I sold

Reliance shares for profit. ) My experience is that Astrology can be

positive when it comes to stock market investment.

Using Sarvashtavarga

Just look at the points or bindus gained by the 5th, 9th and 11th houses. If

you get good bindus in Sarvashtavarga, you can take the plunge in the share


Using Transit

If Jupiter and Rahu are favourable, you can take the plunge.

Using Dasa System

If you are having a favourable Dasa or period of directional influence, you

can take the plunge.

Using the Sidereal System for speculation

Avoid Chandrashtama days. Avoid 3, 5, 7 stars, counted from your birth star.

Know that the 2nd star is Sampath ( wealth), the 4th Kshema ( abundance ),

and the 8th and 9th are Mitra ( friend ) and Para Mitra ( bosom friend )

respectively. Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday are to be avoided in classical

astrology. Saturday and Sunday are holidays for the bourses. . If you are

investing for long term, it is better to avoid Tuesdays. If you want to buy

anything and you want it to grow, buy it on a Thursday, the day of Jupiter.

Friday, Monday, Wednesday are also auspicious. Pray to your Tutelary Deity

before buying anything and seek divine protection. Divine Grace will ensure

that you will not lose.

Stop Loss – An important Factor

When you buy a scrip, know that it can appreciate or depreciate. In order to

avoid too much loss, you have to fix a stop loss. Putting a 10 point stop

loss is OK ( buy a scrip at 250 and put stop loss at 240 ). This will enable

you to immediately get out of the scrip, if market dips viciously. Powerful

reactions can happen at any time, catching us unawares. You can always buy

another scrip with that money and book profit in that scrip, which will

cover for loss in the first scrip. Everybody commits mistakes. Mistakes mean

loss, nothing else. Correct decision means gain. There are many who are

emotionally attached to a scrip, who, even when the scrip is going down

hold on to it, thinking that it will appreciate later. Wishful thinking is

not the way to become rich on the stock exchange. Check with your friends.

Listen to all who participate in the market but do not take any decision

based on anybody’s advice. The market is a place where the imprudent lose

money. With the blessings of Rahu & Jupiter, you can achieve stock market

success !

Article by G Kumar, astrologer, writer and programmer ofwww. eastrovedica. com . He has 15 years research experience in Stock Market
Astrology and various other branches of Astrology. Recently he was awarded
a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists Association Global as a Planetary
Advisor. His Stock Market Astrology Blog is up athttp://stockmarketastrology. blogspot. com & lens athttp://squidoo. com/FinancialAstrology