Do you need some? Extra help to pick the winning lottery numbers, I thought you might say that, well I am going to show you how I do it. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.

When I first heard about lottery systems I was very dubious to say the least, then one day I decided to give one a try. But to no avail I lost every penny that I had laid out.

So by now I had got the bug it cannot beat me I thought to myself, so I decided to try some lottery software and after many trials and errors, I finally found a system that works for me. the longest amount of time i have been without a win is only a matter of weeks 7 to be exact.

Lots of people just go and buy handfuls of lottery tickets which give them the edge on winning, they think, what they do not realize is that unless they have a system law of averages says they will not win. (The odds are against them)

Here are some tips.

1. Do not pick recent winning numbers. (Let the fools have them)

2. Do not play with money you cannot afford. (A hungry person never wins)

3. Never become fixated on certain numbers (The key to win is to pick them randomly)

4. Not luck (Just be wise)

5. There is no such thing as a lucky number (What is coming will come)

If you are still reading this article your chances of winning have become much greater, remember winners never quit and quitters never win

Remember the numbers will come it’s just knowing how to pick them.

Here is the system I use, give it a while and you will see what i mean. Go here. not good luck, good picking.