Captain Disillusion explains it all. Science and Reason Reign by Alan Melikdjanian Remixed from the original Symphony of Science “A Glorious Dawn” Courtesy of John Boswell SPECIAL THANKS TO John Boswell Richard Montalvo Kenna Warsinske Vilen Melikdjanian



  • Loved the song CD ๐Ÿ˜€

  • ะบั€ัƒั‚ะพ!

  • Exellent well dont Cd ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Its ridiculous cd is amazing;he should’nt have 18,496 he should have 329039204920 subs

  • I just started watching…I know how he did it. Let me see if I’m right.

  • @blackicede I can concede that it would be similar to me recording an episode of Jeopardy and replaying it tomorrow and claiming to know all the answers. It’s entirely possible that the host was playing back a pre-recorded lottery segment. I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

  • @oliviasdaddy1 What? How did he “prove” it? He just said that this method could have been used and I agree. But that is my whole point: He states it as fact. But there is no evidence that this method was used. There are more methods to do this trick, that would work just as good. So he should have said that this “could be” how the trick was done, not that “this is” how it was done. You can’t be pissed by something and then do the same thing yourself.

  • @blackicede yabut, he said that he didn’t do this trick with any of the methods he mentioned. CD is proving he did use one of the methods used. Heck, he could have just won himself millions and never had to do this kind of thing again So, if you have the ability to predict the numbers, why not use it to your advantage? Instead, he fills us with false hope and BS.

  • Ouch, your “love with your heart” finger poked me in the eye!

  • I love the Symphony of science ending, genius. Carl Sagan for the win.

  • Sooo… You do realize, that you’re just as “bad”, right? The whole time you talk about “how he did it”. If you don’t want people to bullshit others it would have been a good idea to say “how it could have been done” or even better “this is ONE way how it could have been done”. But all this hypocrit talk is pretty lame. If you wanna be better than scammers, I’m all for it. I like when people try to be “better persons”. But judging by this video you’re not.

  • You are epic. I love your vids.

  • Holy-Shit ! ! !
    Randi on autotune is one of the MOST WIN things EVER!

  • I have Carl Sagan’s “The Demon Haunted World” Sitting right next to my computer, and as soon as you started talking about the beauty of the complexity behind the trick I immediately thought of Sagan, then you started singing haha


  • Leave the computer? But I lost my cell phone!

    Great vid.

  • I’m not a fan of the hokey televised magic a lot of magicians seem to be fond of implementing. Elements like crowd reactions, whats actually done, and what isn’t are all spliced together into some bastard magic trick. Yes a lot of the trade is just showmanship and characters like Brown have a lot of it, but the reality of the magicians 4th wall is ever present with such events.

    Either way, promoting psuedo-science the way Brown did was bull-pucky.

  • My jaw dropped and I got chills when you started playing A glorious dawn… Carl Sagan ftw

  • I loved the Symphony of Science reference!

  • The thing is, you didn’t really prove anything. This is merely an explanation as to how the trick could have been performed, but this video offers no conclusive proof…

  • Must of been a great after party ‘cos you havn’t made another vid yet . Take an asprin and on CD we wanna see some new ‘uns.

  • Well done yet again.

  • So glad to see that you are back. My fave super hero. Kudos

  • Haha sweet, good job.

  • @zab666 I did by now. It is an excellent series.

  • @nervenquaste he actually did. watch “derren brown investigates” …a three piece documentary.

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