[Chorus] That’s real People act a different way with me I feel don’t nobody wanna play with me And that’s ill cause they treat me like a stain on their clothes The industry are my foes They treat me like I got a red nose, red nose, red nose They put me down And treat me like I got a red nose, red nose, red nose Don’t make me clown And have to go put on my red nose [Verse 1] I got my face painted Crazed, Aint it? That a black dude lookin like he got a white tattoo People thinkin that he way tainted… by evil Treat you like fecal Wanna beef you when they meet you People perceive you to be lethal When you aint see through like tissue I feel like the industry givin me vivid stupidy When they distribute these fictitious sissies When I rip it so serious and wickedly No forgivin thee When I claim were Strange Everyone tellin I’m insane, were bane I’m a independent, talented individual Well workin but the industry is the reindeer games And they call me Rudolph the Red They know I don’t rip a mic But I chew off the head Spit it at the PD’s and DJ’s and VJ’s who be gay You fake it, You get threw off a ledge It be tough, We snuffing, Homie trust me Nothing is worse than knowing your beautiful But your treated like an ugly duckling So I’m Rocky Dennis But I’m so polished, Nothing can stop in this Bad and the brain aint no good, It’s not replenished The fakers who imitate me and mock me finished We checked a mill, Yes it’s real Through Strange, I don’t need your major label record