The difficult times these days make some people resort to joining number or lottery games with the hope of winning the jackpot or at least a good amount enough to start a brand new life and business. One of the most played games now is Texas Pick 3. Texas Pick 3 is a game that runs twice a day. The game provides a chance of 50-cent play worth, drawings for six days and six nights or twelve drawings in a week, and with a top winning prize of $500 if you go by the play of $1. So, how do you play the game? Below are easy steps on how to play Texas Pick 3: 1. From numbers 0 to 9, choose your pick of 3 numbers by marking what they call as the Quick Pick box. Your number choices will randomly be picked for you. 2. Next is to choose the method on how you want your three numbers be played. There are 4 methods of playing that you can pick from: Any Order, Exact Order, Combo Order, or Exact/Any Order. ” Any Order is a winning play when your chosen numbers match the winning numbers in any order. ” Exact Order is when your chosen numbers exactly match the numbers and the order of the winning draw. ” Combo Order is the most convenient method to possibly play all combinations on Exact Order in one ticket. ”Exact/Any Order is play of both any order and exact order where winning depends on the matches in Any Order or Exact Order. There is a chance for you to play all these methods using the original Pick 3’s EZ to Play pay slip. You can have any of these in any Texas Lottery participating outlet. 3. After which, you make a choice on the number of drawings you may want to play. The play is up to 12 consecutive Day drawings only, 12 consecutive Night drawings, or 12 consecutive Day and Night drawings. Then, place a mark on the appropriate box under the Multi draw section. Your numbers will then be played according to the number of drawings that you have just selected. 4. Put a mark on the time of day that you want your play to be drawn. If you prefer day time drawing, you can mark the Day box; if night drawing, you can mark the Night box; or if you prefer both Day and Night drawings, the Multi Draw should be used and leave the boxes of Day and Night blank. The easiest method in finding the results of the game is thru the internet or in Texas local stations that air the game in a specific time slot. Claims for the Texas Pick 3 game have to abide by the rules and regulations of Texas Lottery and also the state laws. Joining Texas Pick 3 or any lottery games is not bad. Some people may find great luck in this kind of endeavor and become a winner in an instant. I wish you the best of luck in finding success winning the pick 3. It is challenging but using the right techniques it is beatable!

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