It has been said that there have told us, and we believe this is a lie we tell ourselves. There is a question whether it is more realistic than the lottery. So, I have written many articles on the lie Lotto to help clear the air, so to speak. The first Lotto Lie "is a classic commentary skeptics.
Lotto Lie # 1 – Nothing can be done to improve the chances of winning the lottery.
In Lie Lotto # 1 of Article I of the head over the skeptics. They hit me with what hatred, reason, logic and facts. He had rather little effect on them, but will probably enjoy seeing their concerns as Lay defense.
The first lie Lotto is actually quite naive when I think. Like so many other games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Texas Hold'em, a lottery is gambling. And, like all gambling, professional player has a clear advantage beginner, knows how to play the game. If you agree, should enjoy Lotto Lie # 1 article.
Lotto Lie Another article focuses on the word "Random". The word 'Random' is so misuse, abuse and misuse that would not classify as a lottery secret. So, read the Lie Lotto # 2 thereof, and all is discovered.
Lotto Lie # 2 – lottery is a random game of chance.
Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Texas Hold'em is to include all the random as gambling. Thus, the reason is that professional players are very good these games? Do they know what to do? If this is true, because the lottery is different? Not. Read lie Lotto # 2 and find out why professional players see the word "random play" as an opportunity.
Lotto Lie # 3, the dissolution of the myth that the lottery is fair game. You may initially only accept the situation and move on. But if you stop and think about the other, many questions come to mind, like "Who says that?" And "why". In fact, when we begin to see how many strategies to win the lottery is, you see the game is not fair at all.
Lotto Lie # 3 – Lottery is a fair game. Odds of winning the lottery are the same for everyone.
Of course, lottery officials have to say is fair play as the manager of the casino have to say that the blackjack tables are fair. But, you know that it is simply true. We think it is fair, when Doyle Brunson Sat Texas Hold'em on your table? Although it was funny, you know where your money goes to the end. Lotto Lie # 3 article is really revealing.
Lotto Lie # 4 article addresses another common myth of the lottery: the computer will help improve the chances of winning the lottery. Well, you guessed it. Another lie bites dust.
Lotto Lie # 4 – The computer will help you improve your chances of winning the lottery.
I hear it too. I am surprised that otherwise intelligent people make such a stupid statement. Think about it. There is something in our lives today, that the computer did not help? Man created the Internet, mobile phone, sent robots to Mars, unraveled the genetic code, but it can help improve play lottery! Go to really enjoy the lie Lotto # 4.
Similarly, it is the skeptics who say the use of computer Lottery Number Analysis is a waste of time. Of course, that I've never tried it, but are confident that the experts in this field. If they had time to look will be shocked to find a lottery voltages and currents at every turn. They are everywhere as agates on the beach. This brings us to the Lie Lotto # 5
Lotto Lie # 5 – There are no such things as lottery trends.
Did you know that there are people who have the unique opportunity to see the lottery has won a number of history and see the amount of and trends in the lottery? Are few and far between, and I confess I have no idea how they do. Just think of that makes me start looking for a bottle of Motrin. But give me a computer and find trends and patterns throughout the day until the cows go home. Lotto Lie # 5 Mom juices flowing.
Did you ever have to face some of the sacred by thousands, hypocritical self-proclaimed human purity, for example, looking at their nose at you because you have a lot of redemption. Well, I have a lot of fun with us anointed Lotto Lie # 6. I'm sure do not see it so, because their heads are so deep in the clouds, and this is a bit strange that they can not even breathe. If you meet someone that you will have the pleasure of reading Lotto Lie # 6.
Lotto Lie # 6 – I do not play the lottery because it is a game of chance.
This is a game of chance. Well? It's fun, exciting and easy to play, and if there was a responsible, it is cheap and will not cause economic harm to the game. So, start the bubble machine and we have a plan.
Now, if anyone, as some strongly religious, not Gamble, I'm fine, even on their decision. But when a hypocrite to think that a little better and try to find a moral will calm down and write something Lotto Lie # 6 just for them. Hope you enjoy the Lotto Lie # 6 as far as I enjoyed writing it.
There seems to be lack of skeptics and critics who have expressed disdain for the lottery software is used to improve the chances of the player to win the lottery. Essentially, I think that's all nonsense. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the analysis of the history of numbers to win the lottery, the skeptics and critics to resort to what they consider their advantage. Using Lottery Software is a scam. This is a lie Lotto # 7, the issue of the final article in the series Lotto Lies.
Lotto Lie # 7 – Using Lottery Software is a scam.
It is absolutely certain that the serious player Lottery, Lottery Software audio quality of the product can improve their chances of winning the lottery. But the fact that cheating? NO. Proper preparation before a game is not fraud, is smart. Billions of dollars of computer software used to help us make predictions about what will happen then. This software is used every day and every field of work, and nobody needs to make sound judgments for fraud. This is the core Lie Lotto # 7.
I hope you enjoy the series 7 Lotto Lies. Let me know what you think.

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