At first, it may sound like a good idea to buy World of Warcraft gold for real cash. Besides, with just a few bucks, you can obtain that much needed gold that can help your character buy the items it needs in order to become stronger, which will enable you to get your character to complete quests easily and also level up faster.

However, buying gold for cash in World of Warcraft is not recommended. Why?

Well, there are many dangers. For instance, you may end up buying gold that came from a hacked account. Blizzard has a very good system for tracking illegal transactions. This means that Blizzard will know if you bought gold that came from a stolen account. This can result in getting your account closed.

Also, some irreputable websites that sell World of Warcraft gold can install spyware and keylogger into your computer without you knowing about it. This can lead to getting your account hacked by the very people you purchased your gold from.

Keyloggers are basically malicious Trojan viruses that can record every key you type in your keyboard and send it to its developer. This can mean that you will be giving away valuable information, such as your user name and password on your World of Warcraft account, as well as your financial or credit card information that you need to use in order to purchase gold or credits in the World of Warcraft.

You can only imagine how this can create chaos in your life as well as on your World of Warcraft account. The hackers can use your account to farm gold and sell it, and they can even steal gold from your character as well as items.

Another risk of buying gold for your World of Warcraft character is that you may never even receive the gold you paid for. This happens very often. Just think about it. Most of the owners of the accounts you deal with are overseas. This means that it is not hard for these scammers to scam you out of your money.

If you get busted by the game bots in World of Warcraft by doing illegal transactions, your account may be suspended. This can mean losing a lot of your hard work in the game, and also lose a lot of money that you invested on the game.

Buying gold with real cash may be an easy way for you to get rich in the World of Warcraft, but it is often dangerous. Instead of buying gold with your cash, try to use your cash to buy guides instead. This can really help you out on how you can earn gold playing the game effectively.

With this, there will be no danger of getting your account suspended and you will also not be in danger in getting your account hacked or be a victim of identity theft.

There are no shortcuts in World of Warcraft, only good strategy. Seek the help of advanced players or you can buy guides to help you out in the game. This is a great strategy that can be worth your while.

So, if you think that buying gold can make your character in World of Warcraft an instant millionaire, you may want to think again.

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