The Lack of Flash Technology in Apple iPad Specs

Apple iPad Specs

Since earlier products of Apple don’t include flash capability, expectant users of Apple ipad are hoping to see a difference. But to disappoint them again, apple ipad specs didn’t include flash compatibility to the new tablet computer. This report has gained a number of criticisms from a lot of consumers. Will ipad entirely lose a huge portion of possible buyer because of the absence of flash in the Apple ipad specs?

The Most Unsatisfactory Aspect of the Apple iPad Specs

Apple inc. has somehow post a predictable trend with their products. That is why people have made a visual ipad on their minds in terms of what to expect when the product comes out. Most are very sure that it will look like a bigger iPhone, it offers a great capabilities that come in a form of Apps. But users want to have an additional twist on the Apple iPad specs, aside from reading and sending emails, uploading pictures and videos or the other awesome things it can do, to view websites and videos that operate Flash technology.

Users want flash in their ipad since this has been used in around the popular websites like YouTube. This is quite frustrating because it will limit the user to view websites that incorporates the flash technology.

How Apple Gave their Side

Most people have stated that Apple has gone too much in terms of their decision on what to include and what to exclude in their ipad. They feel that it is not a fair action not to include something that can be useful for many users.

On the other hand, Apple has been quick in their response to consumers shout out. They gave out a couple of points why Apple decided to put down flash in Apple ipad specs. The first reason is that even though the Adobe Flash technology is extensively available, this doesn’t make it “open”. Apple states that it is their solid principle that “standards pertaining to the web should be open”.

This is why Apple chose to use HTML5, CSS and JavaScript: they are all open standards. On top of this, Apple have stated that most Flash videos are also available in a more modern format, H.264, which is viewable on Apple products.

That leads to the reason why they pick to utilize HTML5, CSS and JavaScript because they’re all open standards. They also explained that almost all flash videos are accessible in a more modern format, H.264, which is viewable on Apple products.

How Do the Apple iPad Specs Make Up For This Absence?

The absence of flash on the ipad has inspired Apple to do measures that will make the users happy. The hottest video site YouTube can be accessed through the included App. They designed it to be Flash-free which means you can still view all your fave videos, whether accessed straight from YouTube, or embedded into websites you visit.

Apple ipad have integrated HTML5 if the user decides to watch other kinds of wed videos. HTML5 can play these vids more proficiently compared to playing it with adobe flash.

Although there are plenty of games that incorporates flash technology Apple ipad made it sure that users won’t feel the loss because they have also a long list of awesome game Apps and has been updating them with all the hottest mobile games available

The absence of Flash technology in the Apple’s ipad may have attracted a number of negative feedbacks and turned down some expectant users. On the other hand, it shows how Apple made a move and gave real alternatives that still made the ipad the best selling tablet computer in the market today. The Apple iPad specs include a lot more to make up for the omission of Flash.