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  • Abolish the Federal Department of Education!!! It is a insult to the American people for such a bureaucratic organization to tell us how to teach our children. I don’t care if its Bush or Obama. Put the power back in the hands of the parents!!!!

  • @YOLT1952 If you actually paid attention to the “true” tea party movement you would see that we are against the federal department of education and the federal reserve which are two things that continue to increase the gap between the poor and middle class from the rich. And anyone in the “city” is considered a trouble maker if they have a gun no matter what their color.

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  • The system is designed for Blacks, and Latinos to fail. The last thing they want is an educated man of color. The drugs, and guns in our community is not by coincidence neither…Its GENOCIDE. If we armed ourselves to protect ourself from this then we are trouble makers, terrorist, militants, communist. The white Tea Party has armed themselves but that is called civil rights. The revolution will not be televised..

  • @FreecycleFriend
    Libraries maybe. But have you been to a library in a lower income area. Not so pretty and clean. How does a parent educate their own child when they weren’t educated themselves and are at a 1st grade level? I’m on Freecycle and everytime I give something to get something on Freecycle I have yet to get something I have WANTED and I’m not even asking for much.
    You want that man to have his child on an educational website, when they probably don’t have a computer.

  • Notice how the nwo is always putting out the message of gambling, lottery, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and etc. This is nothing but mind manipulation that the 2nd semester is explaining in TADS. The explain is in the movie called “The Island” which I recommend everyone to see.

  • @yournamehere654 The way the current school system is set up all they want is to steal parents’ hard earned dollars. But unlike a private sector transaction parents can’t opt out of paying if the services received is worthless. You can’t take that money and spend it with a better provider. Parents are forced to pay for the worthless service and if they want better to pay additional. So if they can’t afford both you are going to blame parents.

  • @TellYourFolks You could accomplish a more equal distribution of funds by simply attaching the funding to the child. Let parents decide which school their child will attend and funding follows the child. This is sort of system is a huge success in Europe. College kids tuition assistance grants are attached to them and not the school location. By introducing choice school districts can also offer specialty schools that pick various areas of study. Abandon the one size fits all education.

  • @haypenn darling, i don’t form quick opinions. i’ve witnessed it first hand, studied it, read about it. corruption is only a fraction of the problem. most inner city schools don’t even get enough money for embezzlement to even be an option. The truth is that there is a HUGE spending gap when it comes to education. And that is NOT fair. If the Teacher Union problem didn’t exist, it would STILL be unfair. Plain and simple. Every school should have the same a fiscal opportunities as the next.

  • @TellYourFolks I’m trying to tell you that lack of money is not the problem. Not even a little. Public schools get tons of money – what they do with it is the problem. Teacher ineptitude and Union corruption is the problem. Besides Reason-TV, who are at the forefront of the school choice battle, check out a video called, “America’s Culture of Blame” by Sonja Schmidt [stick with it, I promise it’s related]. It’s a great place to start. Don’t form quick opinions, take my advice and look it up.

  • @haypenny i’m not saying we just throw money at the schools. much like the caps that have been placed on health care distributors, we must evaluate the corrupt systems and fix them. but the issue STILL is, these schools need more money– they don’t get enough money. Should we monitor the money that is being given to these schools? YES! what we shouldn’t do is refuse increased funding for these impoverished schools b/c of a faulty system. We fix that system. We fix these schools.

  • @FreecycleFriend what he can’t do is offer his child the best educational facilities, the best teachers, the best possibility to be motivated and grow in a school that prides itself in quality education. and that’s where he comes up short.

    and even with all the things you suggested, most of these parents are working just to scrape by. My mother couldn’t do much on a 70 hour work week, but luckily enough for me — i went to a school that valued the successful education of their students.

  • @TellYourFolks Honey – that is the result! Don’t you understand? Teacher’s Unions get too much, while students get too little, and even the lowest performing schools keep requesting more funding and nothing ever improves. Funding is misappropriated – it has been for decades. School boards are corrupt. This is 2010 and we still have high school kids who cannot read, yet we keep throwing money at the problem, and teacher’s pensions get more and more exorbitant. Please just watch Reason-TV.

  • @haypenny so please don’t put words in my mouth. i never mentioned distributing money to teacher’s unions.

  • @haypenny i was talking about giving the money to teacher’s unions. i’m talking about giving the money to pay for the facilities themselves. to pay so that the there could be a enough textbooks for EVERY student. so that the classrooms won’t be over crowded and the resources (computers, libraries, science equipment) won’t be underfunded. The state that some of these inner city schools are in are despicable– that is where the money SHOULD go. The government doesn’t even pay for teacher’s unions!

  • @TellYourFolks Evenly distributed money – to teacher’s unions. That’s the entirety of the problem dear. Students get nothing – teachers and administrators get everything, and produce little. Democrats have had a vise grip around the whole bureaucratic system for decades now – time to try something else, wouldn’t you say? Don’t take my word for it. Reason TV has done a great deal of research on this issue. Vote for Democrats more! hahaha! wow.

  • and i don’t think voting democrat is the issue. if anything, it would be the better solution. the only way to fix this problem is the change up the funding of these schools so that all the money is disbursed evenly regardless of the location and the income level of the surrounding residents. (much like the idea behind universal health care, a leftist approach, mind you)

    but i can already see the backlash of such an idea as universally funded edu– the boy who cried “Socialism!”

  • @haypenny where are you getting your facts? inner city schools receive the most funding? on the contrary. funding for public schools in the united states is set up in such a way that the money comes from taxing the local community. So, if a school is located in a poverty ridden inner city, they will receive the the least amount of funding. Whereas, in the richer neighborhoods, there is more money to go around. its a vicious cycle, poor neighborhoods = poorly funded education.

  • Down with government schools and leftist pigs.

  • Get over yourselves…This is about kids…all kids and if this film brings light to the ones pushing for failure then I welcome it!

  • I know this film is about inner city schools, but we live in the suburbs and our schools have much of the same problems – violence, gangs, failure at competence in reading and math. Yet the teachers unions are always screaming for more money “for the kids”. We’ve had our property taxes raised many times in the 12 years we’ve lived here. We can’t afford private school, so we homeschool. We educate three kids for a fraction of what our school district spends on one kid per year.

  • The teachers unions MUST take responsibility also. Charter schools work, school vouchers work, on-line schools work, what does not work is the clinging to the status quo. Disband the Dept. of Education and start creating what is best for each community at the state level. The future of our children depends on it.

  • @FreecycleFriend Following up with what @therhouse said, it is also possible that he is unable to do many of those things. Perhaps he is working full-time or more, perhaps he lacks his own educational background to make those at-home educational decisions. It’s also very possible that he IS doing some of those things.

  • @jakefree24 Perhaps the fact that you insist on referring to them as monsters, and spreading your racism and hate is part of the reason they did not wish to “learn, behave or work.” The other thing that “doesn’t lie” is a school system that allows it students to be marginalized and subjected to a kind of racial arrogance that somehow makes it okay for students to be undertaught. Hate and intolerance have no place in the classroom.

  • @alicia27free skewed study. it threw in charter schools that have only been in existence for less than a few years. hard to gauge the success or failure of a school when its only been around for a short while. Face it, the monopoly that exists today is destroying the next generation.

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